Domain Broker Media Options acquires exclusive premium domain from .CO Registry

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Web Hosting ServicesPANAMA CITY, PANAMA – Leading domain broker, Media Options, announced they have struck a deal with .CO Internet, the company that operates the .CO domain registry, to purchase the domain name. While the terms of the deal are confidential, Media Options intends to launch the two letter domain into a complimentary brokerage business and website dedicated to premium domain names of alternative extensions, both ccTLD’s (like .CO, .TV & .ME) and select premium domains from some of the new gTLD’s which will soon be available. Media Options also stated that they had further plans for the unique domain name down the road to expand their companies’ service offerings.

Media Options’ CEO, Andrew Rosener said, “The .CO registry has done a phenomenal job of marketing, promoting, strengthening and just overall adding value to the .CO domain extension. So much so, that we are starting to receive inbound inquiries from well-established brands in addition to startups which are seeking our help in acquiring premium .CO domains for new businesses, products or services. We’ve decided that not only do we need to support that by further strengthening our relationship with .CO Internet, but we need to participate ourselves and make .CO a part of our brand.”

With the strength of the .CO domain extension being recognized in startup circles and the .CO network of innovative companies, Media Options will continue to forge valuable relationships with the startup community, helping them to find and acquire the perfect domain for their brand. Tess Diaz of Media Options business development said, “Media Options has always been a strong believer that shorter is sweeter when it comes to premium domain names. Ever an evangelist of the value of two letter domains, Media Options recognized the value of the super short brand of and couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to utilize it.”

As companies increasingly need assistance in acquiring not only defensive registrations, but premium domains during the rush of new gTLD’s coming out, will add value to the process with insights that help clients align marketing, minimize legal expenses, set expectations on gTLD Registry terms and help clients get their domain of choice as fast and as easy as possible. will navigate clients through the entire new gTLD domain acquisition process, start to finish.

“With the new gTLD explosion on the horizon, our firm is receiving a steady flow of inquiries from businesses, startups and investors wanting more information, especially what opportunities will be available to them. We want to be a part of the next generation of the Internet and is a going to help us get there. We are very proud to have acquired this premium domain,” explains Andrew Rosener. Media Options now joins the ranks of other early adopters of short .CO domain names such as Twitter, Go Daddy, Google, Springboard & many others.

“With the dawn of the new gTLDs upon us, we are excited that Media Options will be leveraging to educate and support consumers in making sense of the changing competitive landscape; while at the same time helping to broaden our global sales channel for .CO premium domain names,” explains Crystal Peterson, Director of Channel Marketing for .CO.

Rosener also commented, “.COM isn’t losing mind share or value, but .CO presents new options for companies in an ever more competitive environment to build a brand on a premium domain name; more options means more opportunities and that’s what Media Options is all about.” When assessing both the current and future value and impact of these new domains, many variables need to be considered. Domain name brokers like Media Options are increasingly relied upon for valuation representation and negotiation during this process. The platform will let Media Options clients and potential clients know that they are not only involved but forward thinking, proactive and clearly knowledgeable about alternatives to .COM.

About Media Options:
Media Options is based in Panama City, Panama and is a leader in premium domain name brokerage as well as discreet and professional domain acquisitions. Media Options continues to broker millions of dollars in premium domain names each year. Regardless of budget, Media Options specializes in helping startups and businesses find a powerful domain name that will make it stand out from the competition. For more information about Media Options, please visit

About .CO Internet SAS:
In the three years since its launch, the .CO domain has become one of the most successful top-level domain extensions in history, with more than 1.5 million Web addresses registered by people and companies in over 200 countries. From start-ups and small businesses to big brands and multinational corporations, .CO is increasingly becoming the Web address of choice for innovators and entrepreneurs the world over. For more information about .CO, please visit

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