Nexcess Publishes Comprehensive ExpressionEngine Optimization Guide

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Web Hosting ServicesSouthfield, MI – Nexcess, the exclusive Enterprise Hosting Partner of EllisLab, the developers of ExpressionEngine, has released a comprehensive optimization guide for the popular content management system.

While ExpressionEngine performs very well out of the box, sites under constant or intermittent heavy load are subject to a number of issues that need to be addressed in order for them to provide an optimal experience for their users, and an ideal configuration can translate into performance enhancements measured in multiples. To develop their recommendations, Nexcess has tested an ExpressionEngine installation running on one of its EEP–400 ExpressionEngine-optimized servers using the Siege HTTP load-testing and benchmarking utility.

The resulting white paper is titled ExpressionEngine, Caching, and Best Practices For Performance and leverages Nexcess’ experience of hosting high-traffic enterprise sites built with ExpressionEngine. Based on extensive testing, the white paper thoroughly addresses issues faced by ExpressionEngine sites that experience high numbers of concurrent users, providing a set of best practices for using ExpressionEngine’s built-in caching capabilities as well as integration with external applications like Redis and Memcached. The white paper also discusses optimal caching strategies for ExpressionEngine clusters.

“With the release of this white paper, we hope that ExpressionEngine website owners can take full advantage of the knowledge we’ve built over the years to create the best possible experience for their users,” commented Chris Wells, President and CEO of Nexcess, “Our last white paper, which covered performance optimization for the Magento eCommerce platform, proved to be hugely popular, and we expect that our new publication will have a similar impact on the ExpressionEngine community.”

ExpressionEngine is a powerful modular content management system developed by EllisLab. It provides a uniquely flexible publishing platform for building content-driven websites. Designed to be both developer and designer friendly, ExpressionEngine equips users with a robust set of tools for effectively managing online content and a highly flexible template engine.

Throughout this white paper, Nexcess examine ExpressionEngine’s built-in caching mechanisms in detail, including tag caching, template caching, and dynamic channel query caching, offering detailed advice concerning the scenarios in which they can be used to best effect. Also covered are ExpressionEngine’s native debugging tools, which are useful for identifying low-performing pages and their causes. MySQL query optimization is considered in depth, with examples of queries that are harmful to ExpressionEngine caching strategies and methods for avoiding queries unfavorable to caching.

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