GreenQloud Selects Digital Fortress™ As Next Green Data Center Provider

November 1, 2013 by  

Web Hosting ServicesSeattle, WA – GreenQloud, the leader in green energy-powered IaaS cloud solutions, today announced it has chosen Digital Fortress™ as its renewable energy-powered data center provider for the North American expansion of its cloud services this fall.

GreenQloud selects data center locations based on the availability of renewable power in order to reduce the exponentially increasing amounts of CO2 generated by the IT industry. GreenQloud already has a European Availability Zone in two 100% renewable energy-powered data centers in Iceland.

The Digital Fortress™ offering of a renewable green energy source (Seattle City Light), low PUE and high availability of fiber and fiber providers was instrumental in GreenQloud’s decision to choose them as the primary data center provider in the Pacific Northwest. Digital Fortress™ will house GreenQloud’s second Availability Zone to meet the growing demand for GreenQloud’s cloud services in North America.

“GreenQloud is leading the cloud industry in adopting renewable energy resources to power the cloud,” said Paul Gerrard, CEO of Digital Fortress™. “We are proud to be GreenQloud’s data center provider for their expansion into the Northwest to better service their US customer base.”

“Providing compelling cloud solutions powered by renewable energy is core to GreenQloud’s mission of making the cloud easy-to-use, cost effective and green,” said Bala Kamallakharan, CEO, GreenQloud. “Using Digital Fortress™ and creating a separate and independent operation in the US meets our stringent renewable energy requirements while enabling US-based companies – who require their cloud provider to have datacenter locations in the US – to utilize GreenQloud’s server hosting, storage and syncing solutions.”

GreenQloud customers will now be able to select whether to have their data geo-redundant through the US and Iceland, or only redundant through the Iceland datacenter locations.

GreenQloud will also be able to offer to datacenter customers private and hybrid cloud solutions, as it has begun doing in its two Iceland datacenter locations, without sacrificing the crucial practice of powering data services on renewable energy.

The new GreenQloud Availability Zone in Digital Fortress™ will be live Q1 2014.

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