Problems with your web host?

November 27, 2013 by  

A few years ago, we hosted our main website at a big web host (we won’t mention any names)
that promised fanatical everything.

Long story short, we had to eventually move out after we didn’t receive the level of support
that we were paying for. Furthermore, we discovered that we could get quite a bit more with
other companies for what we were paying.

Maybe you are suffering from a similar situation at your existing web host?

Reasons to move your website might be:

1. Bad Support with current web host (like we suffered)
2. Lack of scalability (your web host can’t handle the Christmas rush in traffic)
3. Slow Website (packed in like sardines)
4. Over-priced for what you get

If you are thinking of moving, or have considered moving web hosts recently…

Now is the time to do it… and here’s why:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Quite simply, you won’t find better deals at any other time of the year. In fact, some of these
deals only come around once a year – so now is the time to take action.

Stay tuned…

We are going to be releasing some blockbuster Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts
from the following Web Hosts:


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