SiteGround Partners with SiteApps to Make Huge App Store Available to Its Hosting Customers

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Francisco, CA – Fast-growing global web hosting company SiteGround is rolling out a new app store in partnership with SiteApps to help its 250,000 web hosting customers more easily optimize their websites and blogs for greater traffic, conversions, and revenue.

SiteGround’s new partnership with SiteApps makes it simpler for SiteGround customers to access and install the hundreds of free and commercial apps available in the SiteApps app marketplace. SiteApps’ recent deployment of a cPanel plugin ensures SiteGround users can quickly and easily install both SiteApps, and any apps they later select.

“We’re a fast-growing hosting company always on the lookout for technologies and proven ways to help our customers get more from their websites,” noted SiteGround CEO Tenko Nikolov. “SiteApps eliminates so many of the technical hurdles customers face when trying to optimize their sites, and puts hundreds of useful and valuable apps just a click away. I love the power SiteApps brings to our users, its simplicity, and ease of use.”

“SiteGround is a very special company and renowned for its customer service, and the ease-of-use of its platform,” said SiteApps Vice President of Business Development Troy McCasland. “SiteGround negotiated a sweet deal for their customers, illustrating how deeply they care. We’re really excited to be able to help SiteGround users increase website sales, traffic and usability.”

The SiteApps Marketplace: From Analytics to Action

The SiteApps service combines both site analysis and ready access to hundreds of free and commercial apps in a single app store marketplace. After sign up, SiteApps runs an initial analysis using Google Analytics to evaluate the customer’s website, and identify shortcomings and opportunities often overlooked by site operators and bloggers.

Following the analysis, it provides specific recommendations of individual marketing, social media, sales, payment and customer service apps available for one-click installation from the marketplace. Available apps include: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Corner Peel Ad, and Exit Survey. (Note: Websites can use SiteApps independent of the analytics-based recommendations).

How SiteGround Customers Get Started with SiteApps: Installation and Pricing

SiteApps installation for SiteGround customers is remarkably simple. SiteGround’s website control panel (cPanel) has been updated with a new SiteApps icon. Clicking on the icon takes users to a new page inside cPanel that describes the apps available in each category.

First-time users start with SiteApps by clicking a button, which automatically creates an account, and logs the user into the SiteApps Dashboard. SiteGround customers can then install three free apps (one additional app to what is available to direct SiteApps Customers), and obtain a 50% discount off of any subscription plans purchased during the next 60 days. (Regular subscription pricing begins at $9.99/mo for five apps).

About SiteGround
Founded in 2004, SiteGround is a leading web hosting company that targets various application users and is known for the extra services it provides to them. The company supports close to 500 scripts on shared platform and a lot more on Dedicated and Cloud servers. SiteGround is home to thousands of websites running on WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento and many others. Customers choose SiteGround for the superior speed, security and reliability of their servers, as well as for the fast expert support the company provides not only with hosting-related issues, but also on these applications. For more information, visit:

About SiteApps
The SiteApps platform is the leading App Store for websites. It leverages analytics data to recommend specific apps that any site can 1-click install and configure to personalize the user experience, and generate more traffic, and conversions. Google Plus, Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and PayPal are just a few of the hundreds of free and paid social media, ecommerce, analytics and content management apps available from the marketplace. Site owners can access SiteApps at, through partnerships with leading webhosts and webhosting control panels like cPanel, and via plugins for leading content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. For more information, visit

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