Fireblade Launches New Anti-DDoS Solution for Entire Hosting Networks, The System Will be Showcased at WHD.Global 2014

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Web Hosting ServicesHoboken, NJ – Hoboken, NJ. Fireblade announced today a new solution dedicated to protecting entire hosting infrastructures against DDoS attacks. The new system will be demonstrated at the event.

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Services) is currently the biggest peril on the internet. This threat is especially painful to shared hosting environments where an attack on a single website can endanger and damage many other co-hosted sites.

Other anti-DDoS solutions today in the market are mainly offered to hosting companies for reselling to their customers’ sites. While some sites adopt such protection, other co-hosted sites don’t, resulting in a potential risk to the entire hosting structure. Fireblade’s innovative solution extends its protection to the whole hosting server, achieving a much higher protection level.

Furthermore, other DDoS solutions, designed to be sold individually to websites and end-customers are extremely expensive and would cost an average hosting company, wishing to protect its infrastructure, more than they charge their clients. Fireblade’s solution is a baseline anti-DDoS service that has been designed, engineered and priced for hosting facilities.

“Fireblade’s solution allows hosting companies to ultimately get rid of their greatest concern of the day; the rise of DDoS attacks. While there are good solutions out there, they fail to meet the specific needs at the right price point for the world of shared and managed hosting. We’ve come up with a solution that covers their entire network and actually generates money for them through up-sales. ” says Shay Rapaport, CEO of Fireblade.

Besides anti-DDoS specific protection for hosting companies, Fireblade also offers holistic solutions to ensure clients have an always up and running website that is secured (against DDoS, web application attacks, spamming, scraping etc.), available, fast and well monitored.

Fireblade will be exhibiting at Booth#D11 in Rust, Germany, 1-3 April, 2014, where the new system will be showcased. Additionally, Shay Rapaport, Fireblade CEO, will be presenting a key-note speech on Wednesday, 2nd of April at 10:15 at

About Fireblade
Fireblade empowers websites with uncompromising security, speed, monitoring and visibility capabilities in one cost-effective solution. The company was co-founded in 2009 by Shay Rapaport and Erez Azaria in response to the growing website security threats and malicious bot traffic. Fireblade protects billions of page-hits each month for a fast growing client-base, which includes some of the largest and busiest websites. Fireblade is privately funded, with its headquarters in Israel. More information can be found at

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