Linux Cowboy Drives ROI with ServerPronto

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Web Hosting ServicesNew York, NY – ServerPronto, a leading host for IT infrastructure has released a new case study on customer satisfaction. Customers across various industries are reporting strong results from recent initiatives to drive return on investment.

Led by Pete Cummings, Linux Cowboys offers systems consulting across several industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare and the public sector. As such, Linux dedicated servers are vital to his business.

Cummings has been using ServerPronto dedicated servers to store his work—he builds high-performance data centers, offers prototype development, develops master data management solutions and more—for more than six years. In his hands-on experience, ServerPronto is a better dedicated server solution than Rackspace, ServerBeach, Peer 1 and even Amazon.

“ServerPronto offers the best value, period. I’ve used cheap shared servers in the past and ended up with a lot of spammers and shady marketers taking over the server. They ruined it,” said Cummings. “I decided to rent a couple of dedicated servers from ServerPronto and I was impressed. I told them what I wanted and they hooked it up immediately. I’m not sharing server space with spammers or shady marketers. It’s an ideal dedicated server solution.”

Cummings uses an Intel Xeon X3220 dedicated server for $99.95 a month. The server package includes an Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3220, with 4x 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, and 10TB of traffic. Of course, he uses Linux operating systems. ServerPronto offers CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora, as well as other open source Linux alternatives like FreeBSD.

“ServerPronto has the highest uptime of any servers I’ve used,” Cummings says. “I like the assurance that ServerPronto’s technical support teams would contact me immediately if a server goes down. The company offers strong hands-on support.”

Cummings says he recommends ServerPronto to his customers that are looking for an affordable, reliable dedicated hosting service. One of his clients spends $300 a month on Amazon Web Services, he notes, but would do just as well with a $50 a month ServerPronto dedicated server.

“Companies like Linux Cowboys are contributing an important service to the Linux community—and we’re proud to help guys like Pete Cummings serve their customers,” said Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto. “With a variety of Linux operating systems to choose from, we are serving hundreds of customers that opt for this alternative operating system on top of the world’s most affordable dedicated server.”

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