Tier.Net Launches 1270v6 Dedicated Server

November 6, 2019 by  

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA: Tier.Net today announced the launch of an Intel 1270v6 hosting package into its dedicated server lineup aimed at giving small business owners a powerful, yet affordable alternative to higher-end dedicated hosting plans. The 1270v6 Dedicated Server is bundled with 10GigE bandwidth delivering faster page load times than previous budget friendly processors. In addition, clients receive 64GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD primary drive for an added speed boost. DDoS Protection and 24x7x365 support are also included with every 1270v6 Dedicated Server.

“It’s no secret that Google is now punishing slower loading websites in favor of faster loading sites. If you are looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable dedicated server,” says John Dundon, Managing Partner of Tier.Net, “our 1270v6 dedicated server delivers. The other nice feature with this server is that it can be upgraded as a company’s needs grow. Additional hard drives and more RAM, for example, can be added at any time. At only $99 per month, this is a great example of how no one does hosting better or gives you more value for your money than Tier.Net. You simply won’t find a more affordable server that delivers this type of performance anywhere.”

Features and benefits of the Tier.Net 1270v6 Dedicated Server include:
• Faster loading web pages and less power consumption versus older processors
• Each 1270v6 includes 20TB of 10GigE bandwidth and full DDos Protection
• Best value and performance combination available anywhere
• Fast loading 500GB SSD Storage

The 1270v6 Dedicated Server Package is now available at $99 per month. For more information on Tier.Net’s 1270v6 Dedicated Server, visit

About Tier.Net
Tier.Net is an international award-winning web hosting provider operating in multiple state-of-the-art data centers. Tier.Net offers a full suite of hosting and cloud services to deliver first-class service to its customers, ranging from people building their first website to businesses scaling their online presence.

For more information about Tier.Net, please visit www.Tier.Net.

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