1&1 Launches New Offer for Personal Websites

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Philadelphia, Pa   – 1&1 Internet, Inc.,  a global leader among Web hosting providers, today launched a remarkable new offer for creating a personal website for only $0.99 for 1 year.  1&1 MyWebsite Lite is a high quality solution for many website purposes.  The main features include more than 200 customizable website designs, optimization for mobile devices and tablets, and seamless integration of social media.

1&1 MyWebsite Lite includes everything the user needs to create an attractive personal website with ease. Countless website designs can include personal themes like weddings, travels, new babies and pets but also hobbies like sports, dance or music.  By leveraging the many different website layouts, a user can create a website in minutes.  Color, design, font, text and photos can be changed at any time and from any computer online.  No software is necessary and no programming knowledge is required. Read more

1&1 Launches Hexa-Core Servers

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Web Hosting ToolsPhiladelphia, PA –  1&1 Internet Inc, the world’s largest Web host by known servers, is the first Web hosting company to globally launch dedicated servers with Hexa-Core processors (also known as Six-Core AMD).  1&1 has expanded its server portfolio with two additional premium models for professional use as a Web or application server.  The advantages include outstanding performance with high-level availability and supreme reliability, with the servers benefiting from excellent connectivity to 1&1’s best in class data centers.

1&1’s new flagship server is the Hexa-Core 3XL, with 2 AMD Hexa-Core Opteron 2423 CPUs, a massive 32 GB of RAM, professional redundancy with RAID 5 and 2 Terabytes of usable disk space.  The Hexa-Core 3XL is priced from $599.99/month.  The second newcomer, the Hexa-Core XXL, also provides the same 12 processor cores, with 16 GB RAM and 1.5 Terabytes of usable disk space.  The Hexa-Core XXL is priced from $499.99/month.  This extremely powerful hardware is most beneficial when used for resource-intensive applications such as developing and hosting applications, distributed computing, virtual platforms, or online games. Read more

1&1 UK Launches Dynamic Cloud Server

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Web Hosting ToolboxLondon – With the Dynamic Cloud Server 1&1 Internet Ltd, the world’s largest web host by known servers, today announced a new server category with highly flexible configuration options.  RAM, CPU cores and disk space can be individually customised and as needed adapted during the whole contract lifetime.  In doing so, users only have to pay for the capacity that they need, for example, for websites, online shops, games or web applications.

When ordering the product, the user determines the basic settings including the preferred operating system.  Several Linux variants are offered as well as the Windows Server 2008 in Web or Standard edition, and the Windows 7 version “R2”.  For standard applications such as email, data base, web hosting or game server, 1&1 still offers optimised default settings.
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1&1 Internet Announces Launch of Webinar Series

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Web Hosting ServicesPhiladelphia, PA – According to a study of small and medium-sized business owners, the average monthly cost of webhosting is around $45.* 1&1 MyBusiness Site allows SMB’s to get a custom website online in less than 10 minutes and for less than $10 a month. This online presentation will demonstrate how people with no technical experience can get online, create a custom website and edit website content with ease. Since 2003, 1&1 Internet Inc. has been helping small and medium-sized businesses get online at a fair price. This webinar series will continue that tradition and allow businesses to interact with product managers who helped create these products.

Here are some of the topics that 1&1 will discuss during its 45 minute webinar:
– How to customize a 1&1 MyBusiness Site Read more

EPA Recognizes 1&1 Internet’s Kansas Data Center as a Leading Green Power Purchaser

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Web Hosting ToolboxPHILADELPHIA, PA – 1&1 Internet, Inc., the world’s largest Web host by known servers, today announced that its Lenexa, Kansas Data Center has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Partner for its annual purchase of 17.5 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power (electricity that is generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources, like wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal). This is equivalent to 100 percent of the purchased electricity use for the Kansas Data Center.

1&1 Internet’s new partnership with the EPA is the company’s next step in its efforts to protect the environment.  In 2008, 1&1 first purchased certified Green-e renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a leading national supplier of green power products, as an initiative to lessen the company’s impact on the earth’s climate.  The EPA calculates that 1&1’s new green power purchase for their Kansas Data Center will equal the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of more than 2,000 passenger vehicles per year.
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1&1 Launches New Web Hosting Specials

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Webmaster News Philadelphia, PA – 1&1 Internet, Inc., the world’s largest Web host by known servers, is now offering discounts on a variety of packages and products. These promotions, valid through November 30th, will allow customers to create an even more affordable Web presence.

1&1’s feature rich Home, Business and Developer shared hosting packages are currently available for free for three months (12 month minimum contract and setup fee apply). Regularly $6.99 – $19.99 per month, these packages are ideal for individuals and organizations looking to create a website. Included at no additional charge are up to 5 domain names for the life of the package, up to 300 GB of Web space, unlimited bandwidth and more. Read more

1&1 Web Hosting now with Unlimited Traffic

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1and1Web Hosting ToolsPhiladelphia, PA – 1&1 Internet, Inc., the world’s largest Web host by known servers, has removed all traffic limits on its Web hosting. An unlimited volume of data is now available for page impressions, downloads and uploads of files for all 1&1 hosting packages. 1&1 now offers flexibility for shared hosting solutions commonly reserved for users of dedicated servers.

Traffic volume typically grows in proportion to the sites popularity. Now, customers that own any shared hosting, eShop or combination package (hosting plus eShop) no longer need to worry about exceeding their traffic allowance. This improvement will further ensure 1&1 customers that any website hosted within these packages can continue to function optimally as the site’s popularity grows online.

Since 2003, 1&1 Internet Inc. has been at the forefront of encouraging US small businesses to adopt the Web. 1&1 is the one-stop-shop for Web solutions, providing a high quality service with the security of its state-of-the-art green data centers and 24/7 technical support. 1&1’s green efforts will offset emissions of over 30,000 tons of CO2 per year. As the world’s largest Web host, 1&1 is well placed to deliver a high quality service to its business customers. The company currently holds over 8 million customer contracts worldwide and manages over 10 million domain names.

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1&1 MyBusiness Site Creates A Professional Business Website in Minutes

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Webmaster ToolsPhiladelphia, PA – 1&1 Internet Inc., the world’s largest web host by known servers, today announced the launch of a remarkable new service for creating a small business website – 1&1 MyBusiness Site. Addressing a wide range of small to medium businesses, the package greatly simplifies the creation of a website to just a few minutes without any need for website design experience. Specific designs are available for over 100 different business types. Companies can test the new product for free for 5 days. During the free trial companies can share their fully functioning, customized website online without risk. 1&1 MyBusiness Site, $9.99/month, addresses the need for an instant, achievable website for the many thousands of US small businesses still unable to present themselves online.

1&1 MyBusiness Site comprises a powerful and innovative way for a small company to launch a website, with many specialist business sectors included. Company information is inserted during the order process and used to create a fully assembled homepage. Relevant images, sample texts and tailored design elements are already populated within each website template – e.g. menus for restaurants or appointment requests for hairdressers. The content of the various pages can be edited online using any computer with an internet connection and without the need for software or a separate web page builder. Read more

British Businesses Embrace European Web Identity

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Web Hosting ToolsLondon – 1&1 Internet Ltd, the world’s largest web host by known servers, today launched a special offer which provides a 1 year .EU domain registration for only £0.99+VAT (standard price £8.99/year+VAT) . Until 31 May, any UK business or individual can secure its identity within the European Internet community at this special price. 1&1 has seen demand for .EU domains increase 30 per cent from March 2008 to March 2009. The growth lends weight to the theory that more UK businesses now seek a more European identity and is in contrast to UK SME’s previous confusion surrounding the domain.

1&1 leverages its scale as Europe’s largest domain name registrar to offer new and existing UK users the chance to capture a .EU domain registration at the greatly reduced price of £0.99/year+VAT. The offer is ideal for businesses wishing to protect their brand names online or for new online projects seeking a European audience. 1&1’s data shows an impressive 30 per cent rise in .EU domain registrations made by its UK customers. Read more

Green-Powered Websites Rank High

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Webmaster NewsLondon – Web hosting company 1&1 Internet Ltd, released research conducted in association with the USA’s Wired Magazine which identifies the latest ‘green expectation’ from consumers – that virtual shops should now run more green operations. The results show that the requirement for all companies to go green is growing, as the traditional methods of using less energy are only a start in the eyes of most consumers today.

1&1’s ‘SMB Green Study’, conducted by Wired Magazine and Vision Critical of some 543 US adults found that a green-powered website may be a deciding factor when selecting which retailer to purchase from. Over 60 per cent of people admit to being swayed to purchase from an online shop if the website identifies itself as using green energy. Some 78 per cent of consumers say that the environmental practices of even a virtual shop are important to them, and most consumers believe that all businesses should be environmentally responsible. Read more

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