WiredTree Upgrades Anti-Spam Filtering to Cut Down on False Positives

December 3, 2014 by · Comments Off on WiredTree Upgrades Anti-Spam Filtering to Cut Down on False Positives 

Chicago, IL – WiredTree, a leading managed hosting provider, today announced the completion of an upgrade to its spam protection system, dramatically increasing its effectiveness and allowing it to better avoid false positives.

Online spam has always been difficult to deal with, and some spammers seem always to find a way around even the most ironclad filters. To make matters worse, the more stringent systems have a tendency to mark even legitimate emails as suspect. The entire situation is somewhat out of control, and businesses are putting in their best efforts to battle it, often to no avail.

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AIT Says Upgrade Now to Stay Competitive

June 30, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Says Upgrade Now to Stay Competitive 

AITWebmaster ToolsFayetteville, NC – Over the last 14 years, AIT has seen and helped thousands of businesses grow, improve and profit. “We have helped start ups grow up to become million dollar companies using our Enterprise hosting and ecommerce solutions. AIT began as a grass roots movement. Our company culture, core values and technology were built from the ground up and forged on the basis of putting the customer first” according to Sean McCoy Chief marketing Officer. AIT is offering discounts of 20% to 40% on Hosted Exchange, Email Marketing Pro, and Anti-Spam Pro standard pricing to new and existing hosting plan customers. For more information call 1-800-878-4084 or email AIT at .

“I am always amazed at the ingenuity of entrepreneurs from selling health products, collectibles, motorcycles and real estate to providing dating, gaming and financial services. I have seen our business customers go from small brick and mortar storefronts to selling their products and services worldwide”, says Clarence Briggs CEO of AIT. Briggs continues, “These low cost yet very effective upgrades to the basic web hosting plan give our business customers a competitive advantage in their effort to sell more products and services to their customers”.

In today’s tough economic environment, the need to keep costs under control, increase productivity and revenues can be achieved with AIT’s new Enterprise Class servers and the web based programs of Hosted Exchange, Email Marketer Pro and Anti Spam Pro. Yet, businesses must spend money to let the world know how to contact them.

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New Online Marketing Platform – Declares Independence for Businesses

June 18, 2009 by · Comments Off on New Online Marketing Platform – Declares Independence for Businesses 

AITWebsite ToolsFayetteville NC – In the current economy, many businesses are bringing their marketing and PR efforts in-house and targeting their consumers directly in an effort to cut costs and improve ROI. According to the Center for Media Research this move to be independent is being shaped by “four trends impacting consumer-centric marketing: consumer adoption of new, low cost distribution formats such as social networks and opt-in email, a shift in advertiser spending to highly targeted online venues, the migration to cost-cutting virtualized platforms and the emergence of new capabilities due to game-changing moves by both new entrants and existing players”.

What does that mean for businesses that rely heavily on interactive media to “get the word out” including small businesses, publishers such as newspapers, e-magazines and domain monetization entrepreneurs? According to, a 14 year old web host and domain registrar, migrating traditional media services online is simple using the company’s cloud computing technology that is both robust, and affordable. “We provide multiple domain name registration, dedicated and virtual servers, search engine placement, email marketing, security with a customized firewall and actual sales leads in a one-stop-shop,” said Sean McCoy, VP of Sales and Marketing.

AIT’s Enterprise Class hosting plans boast over 2gbs of RAM, 250gbs of disk space, unlimited data transfer, Ready4Design2007 web design software, MCART e-commerce platform, and guaranteed web traffic that is relevant to any business. These features and many others are supported by dedicated resources using IBM hardware and VMware starting for less than $50 a month during the months of June and July of 2009, visit for more information about this alternative to the Enterprise Hosting Plan.

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Switzerland’s METANET to Enhance Hosting Services with Commtouch Anti-Spam Technology

June 17, 2009 by · Comments Off on Switzerland’s METANET to Enhance Hosting Services with Commtouch Anti-Spam Technology 

Website ToolsSunnyvale, CA and Zurich, Switzerland – METANET, a leading Swiss hosting company, has entered into an agreement with Commtouch® (NASDAQ: CTCH) for the enhancement of its hosting services by inclusion of Commtouch Anti-Spam based on Recurrent Pattern DetectionTM (RPDTM) technology.

Embedded in METANET solutions including Web hosting, reseller hosting and business email, Commtouch Anti-Spam offers better performance and higher accuracy than open source anti-spam solutions. The fully-automated and cost-effective system protects in real-time with no need to add manual rules for new outbreaks.

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