World IPv6 Day Participation Continues to Grow

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Webmaster ToolboxGENEVA, SWITZERLAND and RESTON, VIRGINIA, USA – Hundreds of websites and Internet service providers around the world are joining Facebook, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM), Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW) as participants in World IPv6 Day for the first global-scale trial of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6, being organized by the Internet Society.

During World IPv6 Day on 8 June 2011, more than 225 participating organizations from every part of the globe will enable IPv6 on their main services for 24 hours. With IPv4 addresses running out this year, the industry must act quickly to accelerate full IPv6 adoption or risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere. World IPv6 Day participants are coming together to help motivate organizations across the industry—Internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, operating system vendors and other web companies—to prepare their services for the transition.

“The building interest in and amazing response to World IPv6 Day around the world is extremely encouraging, and highlights the growing momentum behind deploying IPv6,” said Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer for the Internet Society. “We see this test flight as an important step towards ensuring the global Internet can continue to grow and evolve so that it can connect billions of new users and devices.” Read more

Hurricane Electric Director of IPv6 Strategy to Discuss IPv6 Transition at INTEROP Las Vegas

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Webmaster ToolboxFREMONT, Calif. – Hurricane Electric, the world’s leading IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, today announced that its Director of IPv6 Strategy, Martin Levy, will be a featured panelist at INTEROP 2011 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On Wednesday May 11th at 11:30 a.m., Martin Levy will be featured on a panel titled “How do We Finally Get to IPv6?” Martin will join other distinguished IPv6 experts, including Dimitri Desmidt from A10 Networks and John Sweeting, Chair of the Advisory Council at the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). The panel will be moderated by John Curran, President and CEO of ARIN. During the panel, attendees will learn how to prepare enterprises, ISPs and network vendors for IPv6 while minimizing business disruption and expense. In addition, the panelists will report the progress of major telecom equipment and service providers’ transition to IPv6. Read more

Peak 10 Actively Assisting Companies in Preparation for IPv6

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Webmaster ToolboxCHARLOTTE, N.C. – Peak 10 Inc., a managed services company with world-class data centers, announced today that it is hosting IPv6 Engineering Series events throughout its 10 markets in order to help business and IT leaders prepare for the impending IPv6 adoption. In addition to the IPv6 Engineering Series, Peak 10 has released a white paper on the topic and recently sponsored the South Florida Technology Alliance event in which John Curran, the president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, spoke about the imminent transfer from IPv4 to IPv6.

“We want to ensure that our customers as well as other businesses in our markets are adequately prepared for the addition of IPv6 to their network, and education is our key initiative. It is important to not only educate IT managers, but everyone in the business about IPv6 as it could affect many aspects of a company,” said Ronnie Frames, the director of network services at Peak 10. “There are many misconceptions surrounding IPv6 and we want to provide clarity and guidance on the subject.” Read more

ARIN and Microsoft Recognize Transfer of IP Addresses Per Community Policy

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Webmaster ToolboxChantilly, VA – The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) announced that Microsoft and ARIN have reached agreement that certain Internet Protocol (IP) number resources being transferred to Microsoft from the Nortel bankruptcy in US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware will be placed under a registration services agreement between ARIN and Microsoft.

ARIN President and CEO John Curran stated he was pleased that Microsoft has followed the Internet community’s adopted policies for such transfers: “Microsoft has demonstrated important leadership in this matter, and ARIN is pleased to be working with them for the good of the Internet community.” Read more

ARIN Reiterates Availability of IP Address Space Transfers According to Community Policy

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Hosting ReviewsChantilly, VA – In response to press interest in the matter, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) reiterates its continued support for IP address space allocations and transfers to organizations that have documented need. ARIN is the Regional Internet Registry that manages Internet Protocol (IP) number resources in the United States, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean.  While organizations of all types make use of IP address space, Internet service providers and hosting companies require additional IP address space on an ongoing basis to serve new customers (note that IP addresses, also known as “Internet addresses” are the numeric identifiers used by computers connected to the Internet, for example “”)

The central free pool of available IPv4 addresses became fully depleted on 3 February 2011. Going forward, each region has a finite supply of available IPv4 address space that can be allocated to qualified organizations.  ARIN still has IPv4 address space available within the region, and qualifying organizations with documented need will be allocated a three-month supply of IPv4 addresses in accordance with community-developed policies.  These policies for IP address allocation have been developed by the community to encourage availability of IP address space while recognizing the technical limitations on address space routing in the global Internet. Read more