BurstNET® Announces Green Power/Operations Initiative

April 10, 2009 by · Comments Off on BurstNET® Announces Green Power/Operations Initiative 

Web Hosting ToolsScranton, PA – BurstNET Technologies, Inc™, the largest web hosting and co-location provider in the Northeast Pennsylvania region, announced its purchase of renewable wind energy certificates from Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) to match 100% of the company’s electricity needs. This Green-e® Energy certified product is sourced from a mixture of local Pennsylvania wind power from the Waymart Wind Farm, and other wind farms throughout the United States—and is delivered to the regional and national power grids on behalf of BurstNET®. By purchasing five million kWh of wind power, BurstNET will offset the release of approximately 3,591 metric tons (7,916,400 lbs) of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere, a harmful greenhouse gas that is linked to global warming. That is estimated to be the equivalent of removing 650 vehicles from the road for a year, saving 400,000 gallons of gasoline, or powering 500 homes for one yea r according to the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Equivalency Calculator.

BurstNET is committed to being an industry leader in environmental responsibility, and the recent wind power commitment is a natural step in furthering the company’s goals. In addition to the purchase of 100% renewable energy certificates, BurstNET is actively involved in environmental initiatives including energy usage reduction and recycling. These initiatives have already reduced BurstNET’s electricity consumption by an estimated 13%, with additional reduction currently being implemented. “We found it important to step up as a leader in our industry, and to do our part for the environment. We are proud to say that we are 100% powered by the wind, and one of the first data centers globally to do so. This purchase, along with other eco-friendly business practices, demonstrates our continued commitment to protecting the environment,” stated BurstNET CEO Shawn M. Arcus. Read more

BurstNET™ Signs Transport Contract with Zayo™ Bandwidth

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Webmaster NewsSCRANTON, PA – BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ (, a leading provider of managed hosting services, today announced it has recently signed a contract with Zayo™ Bandwidth ( for 10Gbps Wavelength transport service to the BurstNET™ network. This service will connect the BurstNET™ facility in Scranton, PA to BurstNET™ points of presence (POPs) in Philadelphia & New York City. Expected installation/turn-up date is in late May 2009.

Following installation of this service, BurstNET™ will have expanded overall network capacity eightfold in the past six months, since a complete network upgrade/overhaul commenced. Additional capacity/upgrades are planned throughout 2009, including the opening of a New York City POP with connectivity to the NYIIX peering exchange ( Read more