SoftLayer Adds Local Disk Option for CloudLayer Computing

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DALLASSoftLayer® Technologies, the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed hosting, today announced the expansion of its storage options for CloudLayer® Computing Instances (CCI) to include Local Disk Storage. Available as an alternative to SoftLayer’s Storage Area Network (SAN)-based CCIs, the new option brings customers the ability to choose the storage that best meets their individual application and performance needs.

“Every customer is different, and needs different things from cloud,” said Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer for SoftLayer. “That’s why we created Build Your Own Cloud, letting customers tailor the CPU power, RAM, and storage capacity of their CCIs to their application requirements. Local Disk Storage takes that even farther, bringing customers even greater control over how their cloud solutions perform.

“Local Disk Storage for CloudLayer Computing is implemented as RAID Level 10, for enterprise-grade reliability and security. 25GB or 100GB Local Disks are available for primary storage, and 100GB or 200 GB Local Disks are available for additional storage. SAN-based storage continues to be available; currently the two storage options cannot be used together.

“There are inherent differences between SAN and Local Storage that give each their own advantages,” said Mr. Skarda. “Since SAN-based CCIs store their data in a shared location, they will always provide faster recovery options and greater flexibility in scaling total storage capacity. But, naturally, Local Disk-based CCIs can provide faster input/output speeds, making them an even better option for storage-intensive applications and lowering total cost of operations. Now, it’s entirely up to you which benefits you’d rather leverage.”

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SoftLayer Launches Ksplice Uptrack

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Webmaster ToolboxDALLAS SoftLayer® Technologies, the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, today announced it has added Ksplice® Uptrack to its wide range of available services. The powerful Linux operating system (OS) add-on enables kernel security updates to be installed on SoftLayer Dedicated Servers or CloudLayer® Computing instances in seconds, while systems are running with no reboot required.

“We’re excited to offer customers the advantages that Ksplice provides for managing their Linux systems,” said Nathan Day, Chief Scientist for SoftLayer. “Now, there is no need to delay updates to maximize uptime on your production environments. You don’t even have to reboot to set Ksplice up the first time.”

Ksplice Uptrack collects Linux updates from all major vendors, converts each into a rebootless update, and then publishes the updates to Ksplice Uptrack servers for seamless download and installation. Ksplice operates at the object code layer, enabling it to transform many traditional source code patches into hot updates with little or no programmer involvement. Key features include:

– Virtualization support for VMware®, Parallels® Virtuozzo, Citrix® Xen®, and more
– Compatibility with control panels and third-party kernel modules
– Rollback capability to instantly reverse any update
– Performance neutrality, not requiring a persistently running process
– Convenient browser-based tool for seeing if systems are up to date

In addition, Ksplice Uptrack servers are on the SoftLayer private network, streamlining installation for SoftLayer customers and using no metered bandwidth for installation.

Ksplice Uptrack can be ordered today for new servers at or for existing servers through the SoftLayer Customer Portal. Read more

SoftLayer Launches CloudLayer™ Computing

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Softlayer 190x60 LogoWeb Hosting ToolsDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies launched CloudLayer™ Computing, part of its new CloudLayer™ line of services. CloudLayer Computing is built on the Citrix® XenServer™ virtualization platform from Citrix Systems, Inc., and brings enterprises massive scalability and unique opportunities for their IT environments. In as few as five minutes, customers can have cloud-based computing instances running enterprise-grade and open source operating systems.

“From day one, SoftLayer was created to bring customers IT power when, how, and where they need it. CloudLayer Computing is the next step in our evolution,” said Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer. “It leverages all of our advantages and expertise in on-demand data center services to provide cloud computing that delivers as promised. There isn’t any other cloud computing service truly like it.”

Unlike other cloud computing services, CloudLayer Computing instances can be seamlessly integrated with dedicated servers, automated services, and other CloudLayer services (including CloudLayer™ Storage and CloudLayer™ CDN) to create a fully unified computing solution. Monthly billing is based on hourly usage or a monthly rate with no long-term commitment, providing an exceptional degree of flexibility. Read more

SoftLayer Launches CloudLayer™ Line of Cloud Services

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Softlayer 190x60 LogoWeb Hosting ToolsDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies today launched CloudLayer™, a new line of cloud services that brings individuals and enterprises powerful options for dynamically scaling their IT resources, maximizing data accessibility, and optimizing their total cost of IT. Today’s launch introduces CloudLayer™ Storage and CloudLayer™ CDN, with CloudLayer™ Computing to follow.

Built on SoftLayer’s core advantages and longtime leadership in automated services, the CloudLayer family provides advantages and capabilities not found with other cloud service providers. Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every CloudLayer service can seamlessly interface with SoftLayer’s dedicated servers and automated services to create a fully integrated computing environment controlled through the SoftLayer Customer Portal or API. This provides unprecedented opportunities for interoperability and efficiency.

“The capabilities and vision that it takes to do cloud right is where SoftLayer has long proven its expertise,” said Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer. “We aren’t jumping on the cloud bandwagon. We didn’t create CloudLayer to leverage our excess data center capacity. We developed CloudLayer because it’s a natural evolution of what we do. It gives customers the IT they need, when they need it, with all of the flexibility and efficiency of on-demand IT resources without any compromise in performance, security, or control.” Read more