Comic Book Auction Gets Record Bid with ServerBeach Support

March 23, 2009 by · Comments Off on Comic Book Auction Gets Record Bid with ServerBeach Support 

Webmaster NewsSAN ANTONIO, TX – ServerBeach, a PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc. (TIX:PIX) company specializing in dedicated hosting, supported customer, ComicConnect, for its record-breaking, rare comic book auction that ran from February 24 to March 13. ComicConnect, the online marketplace for comic buyers and sellers, auctioned off the first-ever Superman comic, the 1938 “Action Comics #1,” for a record sale of $317,200. During the auction period, ComicConnect experienced unprecedented traffic rates due to the auction bidding and when news of the auction made international headlines.

“ServerBeach went the extra mile to provide the hosting support we needed for this auction,” said Ben Smith, vice president of ComicConnect. “With a high profile online auction such as this, the ability to scale to support peak traffic flow is imperative and everything went off without a hitch. We worked closely with ServerBeach to prepare for the auction and our account representative was available at all times to address any potential hardware or software issues common with this intensive type of online event.” Read more