Tucows Inc. Adds Comodo and Trustwave to its OpenSRS Trust Service

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Hosting ToolboxTORONTO – Tucows Inc. (NYSE AMEX:TCX) (TSX:TC), a global provider of domain names, email and other Internet services, announced today that its wholesale Internet services division, OpenSRS, has added Comodo® and Trustwave® Internet security products to the OpenSRS Trust Service. The addition of these two brands further extends and enhances the choice in trust and security products available to its over 11,000 resellers worldwide.

Along with adding new providers, OpenSRS also announced lower wholesale pricing on a number of GeoTrust® and thawte® brand SSL Digital Certificates. This cost decrease allows OpenSRS Resellers to better compete on price in an evolving market for online security and trust. Read more

GlobalSign Acknowledged for Largest SSL Certificate Growth in February 2011

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Hosting ToolboxBoston, MA – GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA), and specialists in SSL security, today announced that it has shown the largest actual increase in the number of SSL Certificates active for the month of February. Enjoying a monthly growth of almost 2000 new secure sites, GlobalSign’s highly trusted SSL technology is being adopted at a faster rate than the other leading SSL Providers Symantec (comprising of its four SSL brands – VeriSign, GeoTrust, thawte and RapidSSL), as well as GoDaddy and Comodo, who all showed a decrease in number of secured sites for the same period.

Between 2008 and 2009 the number of sites secured by GlobalSign more than doubled and subsequent years have seen strong growth rates of 64% and 59% respectively – higher than other major players. These statistics clearly indicate that rising numbers of website owners are realizing the importance of using SSL technology, and that more existing certificate users are deciding to switch from their current vendor to take advantage of GlobalSign’s trusted brand, future-proof SSL security and advanced security features. Read more

Comodo DNS Excels Commercial Broadband Routing

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Web Hosting ServicesJersey City, NJ – Comodo offers a free Domain Name Service (DNS) for Internet users. The advantages to using Comodo’s secure DNS include security, speed, and ease of use.

A DNS is like a phonebook for a computer. When a person wants to look up a phone number, he or she looks in the phone directory for the other party’s name, which corresponds with a number that a telephone can connect to. A DNS works the same way; when a person types a website address such as, into a browser’s search bar, the computer contacts a Domain Name Server. The DNS identifies the IP address that corresponds to the domain name, like a telephone user looking up a telephone number in the directory. The DNS server then replies to the user’s browser, informing it of the IP address, and the browser duly connects.
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Comodo to Continue Free Email Certificates for Personal Use

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Hosting Tools –  Jersey City, NJ – “Comodo continues its commitment to free email security,” said Abdulhayoglu, the Chief Security Architect at Comodo. “We care for end users. We won’t abandon them.”

Abdulhayoglu’s comments were in response to thawte’s announcement that it would revoke its existing email certificates as of November 16. Both thawte and Comodo are certificate authorities, organizations sanctioned to issue digital certificates, small computer files that allow their owners to encrypt and decrypt other computer files.

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Comodo Launches SaaS Vulnerability Scanning for Internal Networks

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Web Hosting ToolsJersey City, NJ – As an industry first, Comodo introduces vulnerability scanning for internal networks in the cloud. This innovation is available with the newest release of its product HackerGuardian™.

Merchants who accept payment cards such as credit cards are required to scan their networks at certain periods, checking for breaches in security. Previously, internal network scans required dedicated hardware, run by an onsite employee.

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Comodo, SafeMashups Partner on MashSSL Technology

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Web Host ServicesJersey City, NJ – Comodo, the leading provider of trust online, which develops software and services enabling e-merchants, enterprises, and individual consumers to interact and conduct business securely via the Internet, today announced an alliance with SafeMashups Inc., an application authentication pioneer.

“Be it an eCommerce site interacting with a payments processor, or with a new mashup technology, Internet applications continue their relentless march. Consumers get their functionality from multiple interacting web services now,” said James Langman, VP of Business Development at Comodo Group Inc. “In this new environment it is critical for web applications interacting through a user’s browser to be able to establish a secure, mutually-authenticated channel, even in the presence of a potentially malicious user. SafeMashups’ innovative MashSSL repurposes the tried and tested SSL infrastructure to solve this issue.”

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Comodo Endpoint Security Manager Shields Vulnerable Servers

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Webmaster ToolsJersey City, NJ – Comodo’s new server protection software will defend nodes in enterprise networks from malicious attacks. This new safeguard joins the other Comodo branded products protecting enterprises, including security software, encryption and vulnerability scanning.

PC users who adopted Comodo’s award-winning security software at home have brought it to work with them. Recently the firm has developed products geared specifically toward enterprises, including disk encryption and server protection. Read more

Comodo Secures Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook Web Access via Internet

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Web Hosting ServicesJersey City, NJ – Workers around the world access critical business information on Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook Web Access applications. IT managers can better control requests to see or modify business data, announced Comodo today. By adding another form of identification besides passwords to user logins, IT departments can manage who accesses corporate information over the Internet and in cloud-based applications.

To help secure small companies and promote security best-practices, Comodo has released a free version of its Two-factor Authentication for Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook Web Access. Read more

Comodo EasyVPN Helps Businesses Both Local and Global

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Web Hosting ToolsJersey City, NJ – In today’s globalized business environment, it often isn’t convenient to house documents and files on just one PC. Some need constant editing by multiple workers, some require collaboration between peers separated by anywhere from five feet to five thousand miles. Comodo is pleased to announce the release of EasyVPN for commercial use, software to make any business run smoother. EasyVPN is a way for users and businesses to simulate local LAN connections through the Web, using a Virtual Private Network. For a limited time, commercial users of EasyVPN will be offered discount prices when purchasing multiple annual licenses.

EasyVPN installs with just a few easy clicks. After installation, a few more clicks will easily create a network that friends and coworkers can join. Anyone who joins this network can then request other members to allow remote access to their PCs. Once that access is allowed, all members of a network will be able to easily and securely share the contents of their computers with each other. Comodo uses the industry standard of 128-bit encryption to ensure that outsiders can’t spy on a private network. Read more

Attorneys Protect Email Communications with Comodo Encryption Software

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Web Hosting ToolsJersey City, NJ – Attorneys sometimes need to transmit vast amounts of sensitive data, rapidly. If they choose to do so by email, they must consider that email, though convenient, is not secure.

“(I)t is conceivable that…courts may construe a failure to encrypt email as a failure to take the precautions necessary to protect privileged communication,” wrote Salvatore DeSantis and D. David Keller in the FDCC Quarterly. Read more

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