SoftLayer Launches Public Cloud Computing Image Sharing

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Webmaster ToolboxDALLAS SoftLayer® Technologies, the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting, today announced the launch of a public image repository for CloudLayer® Computing. Since its inception, CloudLayer Computing has allowed customers to save private image templates, enabling the deployment of additional similar instances without having to install and configure the same operating system and applications multiple times. With the new repository, these image templates can be published for all customers to use.

“One of cloud computing’s greatest advantages is exceptional deployment speed. We wanted to simplify and accelerate the deployment process even more,” said Matt Chilek, Vice President of Systems Development for SoftLayer. “The public repository does just that, letting customers deploy community or commercial instances without having to start from scratch. But, even better, it provides a vehicle for customers who create special-purpose servers or appliances—like for VOIP, Load-Balancing, or Application Hosting functions—to widely distribute their models.”

Publishing or using an image template with the public repository is a simple, automated process through SoftLayer’s industry-leading Customer Portal. Images can be searched for by criteria including publisher or template name, and then ordered on an hourly or monthly billing basis. Read more

Verizon to Participate in World IPv6 Day on June 8

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Webmaster ToolboxNEW YORK – Verizon will join the Internet Society and participate in World IPv6 Day on June 8. The event will give Verizon customers and industry leaders an opportunity to test the new Internet addressing system, IPv6, and learn about its future benefits.

For 24 hours, network service providers, Internet service providers, content delivery networks, website owners, hardware and software manufacturers and others will enable IPv6 on their main services and test its readiness. This is the first global-scale production trial of IPv6. Read more

Highwinds Launches StrikeTracker 2.0 Beta with New Features and Enhanced Analytics

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Webmaster ToolboxNEW YORK – Highwinds®, a leader in content delivery, network and IP services, today announced that it is previewing the latest version of its award-winning StrikeTracker® console this week at Streaming Media East.  StrikeTracker delivers real-time reporting, analytics and content management to Highwinds’ content delivery network (CDN) customers.  Highwinds is also pleased to announce Highwinds TAP (Technology Access Program), which enables forward-thinking companies to experience Highwinds’ latest innovations, such as StrikeTracker 2.0 Beta, before they become publicly available.

StrikeTracker is a value-add technology that has achieved status as the industry’s leading CDN console since its initial launch in 2008.  Over the past several years, it has received customer praise and public recognition alike – including a Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award for Reporting and Analytics, and selection as a Streaming Media Editors’ Pick – for its rapid provisioning, content control, real-time analytics and self-service tools. Read more

Next Generation Rackspace Cloud Files with Akamai Integration

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Webmaster ToolboxSAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Utilizing its relationship with Akamai, Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry, today announced the addition of CNAMES which further extends the capabilities of its overall Cloud Files product offering.

Rackspace Cloud Files provides businesses of all sizes fundamental tools for building new applications in the cloud. Cloud Files, built on OpenStack’s Object Storage technology, is enterprise ready, highly scalable and serves content through its Akamai-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) offering. Read more

Nexcess Announces UK Magento Hosting Services

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Webmaster ToolboxAnn Arbor, MI – Nexcess, a Magento Enterprise Hosting Partner, has announced expansion into the UK Magento hosting market. This effort has been designed to better serve the company’s current and future eCommerce hosting clients by providing lowered latency throughout Europe and Asia.

“We’re very excited to be bringing 10+ years of eCommerce experience to the European web hosting market,” commented Chris Wells, President & CEO of Nexcess, “We knew that many of the specialized Magento hosting solutions that Nexcess provides are of great value to the European eCommerce webmaster, and wanted to deliver these services at lower latencies than we were capable of providing from our Dearborn, Michigan data center.” Read more

Cotendo Announces Patent-Pending Cloudlet Platform

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Hosting ServicesSunnyvale, CA – Cotendo, an innovative fast growing Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Value-Added Site Acceleration services provider, announced today the availability of its new Cloudlet™ Platform, the world’s first fully customizable, high-performance and globally distributed cloud application environment. The patent-pending Cloudlet™ platform revolutionizes the CDN space by enabling mobile and wired content providers to extend their business logic to the edge of the network, moving content delivery decision making closer than ever before to the end user. In so doing, the Cloudlet™ platform elegantly addresses the growing need for content providers to deliver more personalized, customized and device-specific content efficiently and quickly, thus improving the users experience and ensuring high performance without increasing infrastructure complexity, spending or headcount.

Cloudlet™ modules have been running in live production environments in stealth mode with selected Cotendo customers and have achieved dramatic performance improvement and significantly reduced origin load. Publishers, social networks, e-tailers, and large enterprises, among others, will benefit from this unique capability to generate and deliver intelligent and real-time adaptive locally cached dynamic assets that can be content-aware, device specific, and selective by context (e.g. user’s location or time of day). Enterprise customers can use Cloudlet™ modules for granular authentication and contextual, personalized application delivery to employees and partners around the globe. Providers of content to mobile devices – the fastest growing area of content delivery – will particularly benefit from Cloudlet™ modules and the ability to deliver location and device-aware information on an as-needed basis while simultaneously reducing their origin server calls by up to 90%. Because Cloudlet™ modules seamlessly integrate with other Cotendo offerings, Cloudlet™ users not only benefit from this whole new type of content acceleration but also from Cotendo’s comprehensive suite of content delivery, site acceleration and Web performance optimization offerings. Read more

PacificHost adds Free CloudFlare CDN to Hosting service

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Hosting ReviewsElk Grove, CA – CloudFlare accelerates and protects websites utilizing multiple methods. CloudFlare has proxy servers located throughout the world. The The servers are used to cache content and deliver it to the visitor closest to the nearest proxy server to ensure that website speeds are increased for the visitor. Additionally CloudFlare uses data from Project Honey Pot and other third party sources to identify malicious traffic and stop attacks and spammers from visiting the website.

PacificHost is offering CloudFlare for free in its hosting service. The service integration allows PacificHost customers to login to their control panel and after a few clicks be up and running using the CloudFlare CDN on their website. Read more

Sharedband Leverages Highwinds System Suite

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Hosting BlogWINTER PARK, FL – Highwinds®, a leader in content delivery, network and IP services, today announced that Sharedband Technologies is utilizing a tailored set of services available through Highwinds System Suite™.  The System Suite brings together network infrastructure and content delivery services under one agreement.  It offers customers a great deal of flexibility, scalability and bundling opportunities from a single-source provider.  Sharedband is using Highwinds’ transit, transport, peering and colocation services in 11 U.S. and European cities.

Sharedband’s technology is designed to radically improve the performance and resilience of Internet connections by aggregating multiple, low-cost broadband connections into a single high-performance connection.  Sharedband has its roots in the United Kingdom and is undergoing U.S. expansion by forming key partnerships and casting a generous technological net over the country.  Highwinds is a vital part of the expansion, and deployments are currently underway. Read more

Cotendo Delivers High Performance Content Delivery Network

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Webmaster NewsSan Carlos, CA – Cotendo, a content delivery network and innovator of software-focused CDN technologies, today announced a complete suite of Internet content delivery applications that addresses the sophisticated and evolving needs of mid-market content providers. The Cotendo Content Delivery Application Suite improves performance and user experience while giving content providers application-level flexibility to control content in real time.

“Content providers have a critical need for a flexible platform that enhances the performance of all the deliverable static and dynamic assets in their Web site or application, with key features such as real-time content control, the ability to match the expense of CDN to monetization, and real-time reporting for both technical and non-technical users,” said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo’s CEO. “Our Content Delivery Applications Suite is designed as an agile platform specifically to answer these customer needs.” Read more