Servers Australia Makes Move to Maximize Uptime with the Introduction of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

June 28, 2011 by · Comments Off on Servers Australia Makes Move to Maximize Uptime with the Introduction of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection 

Hosting ServicesTUGGERAH, Australia – Servers Australia, one of Australia’s leading providers of dedicated servers, has introduced R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) software as the company’s exclusive backup and disaster recovery solution. Servers Australia will leverage CDP to back up its entire shared hosting fleet. The company will also offer CDP backups for dedicated server and virtual dedicated server customers as either a fully- or self-managed service.

By implementing R1Soft Continuous Data Protection®, Servers Australia aims to bring reliable server backup and disaster recovery protection to as many customers as possible. Whether Servers Australia needs to protect Windows or Linux, physical or virtual dedicated servers, it can do so seamlessly, thanks to CDP’s convenient cross-platform design. A central backup repository and management interface greatly simplifies system administration; at the same time, CDP’s hosting control panel restore allows Servers Australia to put restore management directly in the hands of those customers that choose the self-managed backup option. CDP also provides maximum data protection for MySQL databases. Read more

Applied Innovations Launches New Continuous Data Protection

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Hosting BlogBoca Raton, FL – Applied Innovations, a leading provider of Windows web hosting and application hosting services since 1999, has launched a new backup service offering to all Shared, VPS and Dedicated Windows web hosting customers through a partnership with R1Soft. R1Soft is the developer of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), scalable and high-performance disk-based backup software for Windows servers in the Cloud. Applied Innovations will use R1Soft’s CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition to power its new backup services.

“We have always sought to identify and offer the best backup and data protection technologies available,” said Jess Coburn, founder and CEO of Applied Innovations Corp. “But with Continuous Data Protection 3.0, R1Soft has really taken backup to a new level, allowing us to offer enterprise-level backup capabilities to all our hosting customers.” Read more

R1Soft Releases Upgrades and Advances Backup Software Performance

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Hosting BlogHOUSTON, TX – R1Soft, developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) – high performance disk-to-disk backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud – today announced the first release of CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Edition is the flagship product in R1Soft’s line of high performance backup software for hosting and Cloud infrastructure.

CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition includes the latest in disk-based backup storage capabilities. The new 3.0 Disk Safe uses on-disk journaling to protect archived backup data from corruption caused by crashes and power failures in the data center. This kind of industrial strength storage is not found in any other disk-to-disk backup software. The new Disk Safe is especially well suited for the growing storage demands of data centers, capable of storing up to 64 Terabytes of backup data and thousands of recovery points for each protected server. Read more

Wick Hill Now Providing Barracuda Networks’ New Local And Offsite Data Backup Solution

November 17, 2009 by · Comments Off on Wick Hill Now Providing Barracuda Networks’ New Local And Offsite Data Backup Solution 

Webmaster ToolboxWoking, Surrey – Wick Hill is now delivering the Barracuda Backup Service, an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup solution for any size or type of business, which combines the Barracuda Backup Server for rapid restoration on the local network with the Barracuda Backup Service, a secure cloud-based back-up service hosted by two data centres in the UK.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of leading VAD Wick Hill, commented: “Barracuda Backup Service is a tried and tested low-cost solution to the time-consuming manual process of tape back-up. As the most common failure of tape back-ups is human error, this fact alone makes it attractive. Barracuda’s solution also overcomes another common failure in tape back-up, which is the tape itself. The many other advantages of Barracuda’s system make it the ideal solution for many organisations and an excellent solution for our VARs to provide to their customers.” Read more