Data Foundry Texas 1 Data Center Now Full Powered By Dual Feeds From Two Substations

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Webmaster ToolboxAustin, TX – Data Foundry, a leading provider of data center outsourcing and colocation services, announces another major milestone in the construction of its Texas 1 data center, opening in June 2011. Texas 1 is now fully powered by dual feeds from two separate substations on the Texas power grid. The dual feeds from Austin Energy include a dedicated, end-to-end underground feed, offering full redundancy and high availability and is a unique feature only seen in premium data center facilities.

“The Texas 1 data center will accommodate a wide variety of configurations to meet the demand we are seeing from companies across the nation,” states Edward Henigin, Chief Technology Officer of Data Foundry. “The power feeds come into Texas 1 at two different locations on the property and as such, we are able to balance customer power loads between the two feeds. Our innovative power design ensures uninterrupted service for our customers, even in the unlikely event of a substation failure.” Read more

Modius Releases Data Center Facility Infrastructure Tools

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Web Hosting BlogLas Vegas – Modius, Inc., a leading provider of real-time monitoring solutions for data center critical infrastructure, today announced the general availability of OpenData version 3.5, which offers improved capacity management capabilities and allows colocation operators and enterprises to implement chargeback for power and cooling costs.

The latest release of Modius’ flagship product enables customers to analyze resource utilization and capacity of data center assets based on flexible, user-defined groupings.  Data center managers can now unify data from heterogeneous equipment and easily generate reports of energy consumed by customized groups of devices, including individual racks, rows, zones or customers.   Read more

Racktivity Announces EnergySwitch ES1008 Next Generation Power Distribution Unit for Data Centers

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Hosting ToolboxRedwood City, CA – Racktivity, a pioneer in the development of next-generation data center power distribution and energy management solutions, today announced the availability of its new next generation EnergySwitchTM ES1008 Power Distribution Unit (PDU) solution for energy and environmental management within data centers. Racktivity’s ES1008 gives data center professionals real-time, true RMS measurement capability, predictive analysis and individual power-port level switching capability, all at the industry’s lowest energy consumption available in a PDU device.

“Our new ES1008 PDU is the most intelligent PDU available in the market today, providing those real-time metrics essential for operators to precisely understand and manage their power consumption in data centers,” said Marco DeMiroz, President & CEO of Racktivity. “The ES1008 provides the most comprehensive set of performance analytics for every port along with per-port switching. Our ES1008 actually sees voltage spikes, ripple and sag, along with harmonics produced by attached IT devices before they actually fail. Our EnergySwitchTM Family is the first Genius PDU on the market.” Read more

The Bunker Announces Power Upgrade Project Completion

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Hosting BlogUNITED KINGDOM – The Bunker Secure Hosting Ltd, provider of Ultra* Secure Data Centres and Managed Services is pleased to announce the successful completion of a power upgrade project at its data centre in Ash, Kent. The high voltage and low voltage infrastructure has been replaced with brand new state of the art equipment delivering double the amount of power, improved resilience and automation, and ample capacity for future growth.

“Demonstrating our commitment to customer service levels, we have invested over £2 million in this project, providing The Bunker with an infrastructure for 4,500 KVA, sufficient capacity to supply the whole Data Centre, of which 1,500 KVA is being currently used,” said Peregrine Newton, CEO of The Bunker. Read more