PostgreSQL Conference West 2011 Announced

May 6, 2011 by · Comments Off on PostgreSQL Conference West 2011 Announced 

Webmaster ToolboxBedford, Ma – It is that time of year when we begin the steady march toward PostgreSQL Conference West. This year, The PostgreSQL Conference will be presenting #PgWest at the San Jose Convention Center from September 27th – 30th. The 27th will be a training day with half and full day trainings available for separate registration, and the 28th-30th will be 45-90 minute sessions.

The PostgreSQL Conference is The Conference for PostgreSQL Developers, End Users, Decision Makers and Business makers alike. We bring together an eclectic community that thrives on a diverse ecosystem to provide solutions at all ends of the spectrum. At the conference you will enjoy Case Studies as well as presentations on Administration, Emerging technologies, Business Intelligence, complimentary solutions (MongoDB, Hadoop), Interfaces, Web development and good old fashioned PostgreSQL Database Internals. The PostgreSQL Conference Series is the only conference where you are able to appreciate every facet of the World’s Most Advanced Open Source Database. Read more

New Data Loading Technology from Greenplum Offers Breakthrough Speeds For Large-Scale Data Warehousing

March 16, 2009 by · Comments Off on New Data Loading Technology from Greenplum Offers Breakthrough Speeds For Large-Scale Data Warehousing 

Webmaster NewsLondon, UK. – Greenplum, a leading provider of database software for the next generation of data warehousing and analytics, today announced new technology designed to accelerate data loading for companies dealing with exponential data growth. Greenplum’s new “MPP Scatter/Gather Streaming” (SG Streaming) technology eliminates the bottlenecks associated with other approaches to data loading, enabling lightning-fast flow of data into the Greenplum Database for large-scale analytics and data warehousing. Greenplum customers are achieving production loading speeds of over four terabytes per hour with negligible impact on concurrent database operations.

Greenplum utilises a “parallel-everywhere” approach to loading in which data flows from one or more source systems to every node of the database without any sequential choke points. This differs from traditional “bulk loading” technologies, used by most mainstream database and MPP appliance vendors that push data from a single source, often over a single or small number of parallel channels, and result in fundamental bottlenecks and ever-increasing load times. Greenplum’s approach also avoids the need for a “loader” tier of servers, as required by some other MPP database vendors, that can add significant complexity and cost while effectively bottlenecking the bandwidth and parallelism of communication into the database. Read more