Verisign Enhances Managed DNS Service With Full Support for DNSSEC Compliance and Geo Location

April 1, 2011 by · Comments Off on Verisign Enhances Managed DNS Service With Full Support for DNSSEC Compliance and Geo Location 

Web Hosting BlogDULLES, VA – VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN – News), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced two significant enhancements to Verisign Managed DNS, a cloud-based hosting solution that helps improve the availability of Internet and network applications by delivering 100 percent DNS resolution for customers.

Verisign’s Managed DNS service now provides full support for DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) compliance features and Geo Location capabilities. These two critical features help make it easier for enterprises to strengthen the integrity and effectiveness of Internet communications, and the security and performance of Domain Name System (DNS) transactions. Read more

Rack-Soft Announced 4PSA DNS Manager 3.6 with Improved Feature Set

March 25, 2009 by · Comments Off on Rack-Soft Announced 4PSA DNS Manager 3.6 with Improved Feature Set 

Webmaster NewsRomania – Rack-Soft launched today 4PSA DNS Manager 3.6, the latest release of the DNS administration software that delivers advanced DNS hosting automation to service providers and businesses. 4PSA DNS Manager centralizes zone records from multiple hosting servers on a single, redundant DNS infrastructure. The new version introduces architectural optimizations and automation tools targeting daily hosting operation activity.

4PSA DNS Manager offers DNS support for thousands of hosting companies and Internet Service Providers. Due to its multitenant, role based architecture, DNS Manager allows hosting customers to manage DNS zone records on their own, lowering provider’s costs. The product also gathers and replicates DNS zone information from multiple hosting servers, which centralizes DNS hosting and optimizes DNS management in large hosting infrastructures. The new DNS Manager 3.6 release improves product performance and reduces resources’ utilization. Read more

DiscountASP.NET Adds DNS Management API

March 24, 2009 by · Comments Off on DiscountASP.NET Adds DNS Management API 

Webmaster NewsPasadena, CA – DiscountASP.NET, announces expanding their Open Control Panel API with the addition of APIs for DNS management. The new DNS management API is part of DiscountASP.NET’s Open Control Panel Initiative, whose goal is to provide customers with maximum control over their hosting presence management.

Previously, DiscountASP.NET introduced an ASP.NET web service API library which customers can use to develop their own web, desktop, or mobile applications that interface directly with their web hosting account management. Over the years, DiscountASP.NET has exposed methods to retrieve resource usage information, to recycle application pools, and to backup SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 databases. Today, DiscountASP.NET exposes methods for customers to retrieve, add, and delete their DNS A, CNAME, MX and TXT records. Read more