MyCloudSite Offers Free Web Hosting

June 22, 2011 by · Comments Off on MyCloudSite Offers Free Web Hosting 

Webmaster ToolboxNEW YORK, NY – Cloud computing is all the rage — and it’s not just for big companies with deep pockets anymore. CloudPronto has rolled out free web hosting in the cloud through MyCloudSite.

Similar to shared hosting, MyCloudSite is a free hosting service that allows several websites to sit on a single web server connected to the Internet via the cloud. Unlike traditional shared hosting services that rely on dedicated servers, MyCloudSite relies on the cloud to offer even greater benefits — free. Essentially, MyCloudSite offers the same enhanced reliability and affordability guarantees as ServerPronto — in the cloud. Read more

AIT Challenges Hosting Market – Offers FREE Web Hosting for Life

July 7, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Challenges Hosting Market – Offers FREE Web Hosting for Life 

AITWeb Hosting ToolsFayetteville, NC AIT has launched a no-cost “ad-free” web hosting account to provide businesses and individuals with a free website for life at their own domain name to enhance the visibility of its core products and services and the tyBit – Unified Search engine. “It’s pretty straightforward. Anyone looking for a web hosting account to host their own domain can call us and get setup in minutes. Our goal is to introduce both AIT and tyBit to a wider audience by giving away free web hosting accounts,” said, Avery Skelton VP of Sales & Marketing for AIT.

There is one free hosting account per customer. Those who sign up receive ample disk space, bandwidth, control panel as well as additional features to enhance their web presence. The company stated that it anticipates hundreds of new signups weekly as a result of the stunning initiative. “This is a limited time promo that we will run to help smaller clients get through these difficult economic times,” said Skelton.

There is nothing new about the “Free Movement” on the Internet. Free is also the subject of new book by Wired editor Chris Anderson, “Free: The Future of a Radical Price,” which got its first big review this week, by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker, a media moment that’s provided much entertainment to observers. There are four strands of argument in Anderson’s thesis. The claim that digital infrastructure is effectively Free, consumers love Free, Free means never having to say you’re sorry or make a judgment, and a commercial claim that a market created by the technological Free and the psychological Free can make you a lot of money.

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