Hivelocity Announces New Sandy Bridge Server Line

July 27, 2011 by · Comments Off on Hivelocity Announces New Sandy Bridge Server Line 

Hosting ServicesTampa FL – Hivelocity Hosting  announced this week they are introducing a new line of i5 Sandy Bridge dedicated servers.   The Intel i5 processor will be replacing the Core2Quad, which currently serves as the introductory line of servers Hivelocity offers.  As Core2Quads slowly fade away with end-of-life approaching, the quad-core i5’s will slide right into that lower pricing segment.

“We have worked with Supermicro to put together a very solid system at a really good price.  The end result is our customers get new Sandy Bridge servers that offer significantly more power than the older Core2Quads for about the same price they have paid for lesser systems in the past,” comments Hivelocity GM Steve Eschweiler.  “Our customers have given our E3-1230 Xeon Sandy Bridge server rave reviews  for the last few months and we anticipate the introduction of another Sandy Bridge system in the lower price spectrum to be just as popular, if not more.  Our customers love a powerful server and they love saving money even more, so the i5 should be a home run for everyone.”
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Hivelocity Adds Intelligent Route Optimization to Multi-Homed Network

March 19, 2010 by · Comments Off on Hivelocity Adds Intelligent Route Optimization to Multi-Homed Network 

Web Hosting ToolsTampa, FL – Dedicated server hosting provider, Hivelocity, announced this week they have further enhanced their multi-homed network by enabling intelligent route optimization technology.  Offered as a subscription service from Internap, the route optimization technology allows Hivelocity to take full advantage of the routing paths and peering of all four of its upstream providers, which include Level 3, Global Crossing, Time Warner Telecom and Cogent.  Since early March when the technology was deployed, data has been flowing from the Hivelocity network faster than ever before.

Most hosting providers that can tout having a multi-homed network typically utilize only Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) routing when choosing data paths.  What makes Hivelocity’s optimized routing abilities superior from simple BGP4 is the route optimization technology’s consideration of historical traffic routing data, real time Internet congestion and real time provider outages when choosing a final route for the data to flow.  If any problems are detected on the initial path, the route optimization technology will simply reroute the traffic to the upstream network that provides the best performance and availability at that point in time.
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Hivelocity to Promote Exclusive Server Deals with Twitter

April 9, 2009 by · Comments Off on Hivelocity to Promote Exclusive Server Deals with Twitter 

Web Hosting ToolsTampa, FL – Dedicated server host, Hivelocity, announced this week it will be promoting exclusive server deals to its followers. Since March 27th Hivelocity has been sending out daily and sometimes hourly tweets announcing short term server promotions. Since their first tweet just 2 weeks ago Hivelocity has attracted over 900 followers. The Twitter phenomenon has taken the world by storm and Hivelocity is more than happy to capitalize on its success. From free secondary hard drives to $99 Core2Quad server offers, Hivelocity is making these offers exclusive to only people who have found them through Each of Hivelocity’s tweets to this point has been one day only and sometimes one hour only offers.

“Twitter is a wonderful way to not only introduce non-customers to Hivelocity but to let existing customers know of company and network news. We plan on sending out at least one tweet every day announcing a great deal on a new server or cheap way to upgrade an old server. Everyone needs to know, these promotions are exclusive to our Twitter followers and the only way to know about them is to join our tweet,” says Hivelocity’s General Manager, Steve Eschweiler. Read more

Hivelocity Partners with SourceForge

March 3, 2009 by · Comments Off on Hivelocity Partners with SourceForge 

Webmaster NewsTampa, FL – Dedicated hosting provider, Hivelocity announced it will be providing the world’s largest open source software development and distribution environment, SourceForge, with download mirror services. SourceForge and its network of sites helps technology enthusiasts from around the world, connect, develop and share open source software. Hivelocity’s strong global network infrastructure and support of open source software makes for a great partner.

SourceForge is one of the most popular web sites in the world with over 33 million visitors every month. Serving these 33 million visitors with fast speeds from anywhere in the world is where Hivelocity steps in. The 1.9 million registered users of SourceForge currently have over 180,000 open source software projects in production. Hivelocity’s mirror will enable users to utilize the Hivelocity network for uploading and downloading data for these development projects. Read more