Idologic Connect Affiliate Program Released

February 11, 2009 by · Comments Off on Idologic Connect Affiliate Program Released 

Webmaster NewsLondon, ON – Idologic Inc., a leading provider of Reseller and Managed Dedicated Hosting services, is proud to announce the launch of a new customer referral program, Idologic Connect. Connect follows the proven Idologic model of unlimited potential combined with a truly rewarding experience for customers. Designed for any current customer to take advantage of, this program makes it incredibly easy for the launch of a completely new stream of revenue; this is welcome news at a time when the world’s economy seems to be slowing and a little extra cash is highly valued.

Idologic Connect is available for any Reseller Hosting plan offered at Idologic. In return for connecting your friends, coworkers, or customers into Idologic to purchase any one of the Reseller Hosting plans, Idologic will connect you with the entire first month’s payment. This is not an account credit; this is an actual one-time payout which will be disbursed after the account holder is with Idologic for 60 days. There is no cap placed on the amount of referrals made, so earning potential is literally unlimited. For example, with referring just five people, a single payout of $100 can be earned with just the smallest reseller plan available. Read more