Dell Unveils OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Solution

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Hosting ServicesROUND ROCK, Texas – To further advance the adoption of open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Dell today announced the first available cloud solution offering based on the OpenStack platform—the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution. Customers seeking alternatives to existing cloud options based on proprietary, licensed software models can now utilize the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution, which integrates the OpenStack cloud operating system, cloud-optimized Dell PowerEdge C servers, the Dell-developed “Crowbar” OpenStack installer, and services from Dell and Rackspace Cloud Builders.

The Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution comes with a reference architecture designed to help customers quickly integrate, deploy and manage their IT resources in an OpenStack environment. Tested, validated, and supported by Dell, the reference architecture is based on Dell PowerEdge C Series servers, which capture the efficiencies and design lessons learned from some of the world’s largest hosting and cloud providers, while being engineered to maximize revenue per-square foot within the data center. Read more

Dyn Releases New Enterprise Class Email Delivery

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Webmaster ToolboxSanta Clara, CA – Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.) today announces the release of their Enterprise Class Technology (ECT) platform for the complete management of email delivery.  The release of DynECT Email Delivery follows months of build out and improvements of redundant email infrastructure, solidifying the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) leader as a major player in the email delivery space.

DynECT Email Delivery (previously named SendLabs SmartMTA) was born out of Dyn’s December 2010 acquisition of email services provider SendLabs. The company’s goal was to further develop an infrastructure that would allow power users to connect to Dyn and deploy either transactional or bulk email – all while providing useful insights and statistics, under the watchful eye of deliverability experts. Read more

Hexagrid and LMD Announce Indonesia’s Largest On-Demand Public Cloud Offering

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Webmaster ToolboxIndonesia – Lintas Media Danawa (LMD), a subsidiary of Lintasarta, announces the launch of Indonesia’s largest on-demand public cloud offering, Cozy. By leveraging the application expertise of LMD, the IaaS Cloud Computing platform expertise of Hexagrid Computing, and the vast datacenter and network expertise of Lintasarta, LMD’s new cloud services will give customers access to a full line of unparalleled cloud based solutions.  In addition to offering the largest on-demand public cloud in Indonesia, LMD’s trifecta of cloud services will also include private-hosted clouds and a wholesale-centric cloud. This three pronged approach ensures that LMD can deliver cloud services for a diversity of market needs.

“As a well-respected leader in the data center services industry, LMD and Lintasarta consistently deliver leading edge solutions to our customers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud services parallel our companies’ objectives,” according to GIDION SURANTA BARUS, Business Development General Manager  of Lintasarta.   Read more

Cisco New Texas Green Data Center Showcases Private Cloud Deployment

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Hosting ServicesSAN JOSE, CA – Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced a new green data center in Allen, Texas, with an architecture deploying Cisco’s entire data center technology portfolio spanning computing, switching, and data storage access to support Cisco’s internal private cloud and deliver Information Technology (IT) as a service. The new data center demonstrates the value of a network-based approach through improved resilience, performance and use of resources, while delivering IT services such as video, mobility, security, and collaboration to Cisco employees, customers, partners, and other constituents.

In 2007 Cisco created a vision to deliver IT as a service and developed a long-range plan to deliver that vision through data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing. Cisco’s newest data center combines the best in environment-friendly facility design, green approaches to power and cooling, and an architectural approach optimized for virtualization and cloud computing, with the aim of delivering “everything as a service.” Read more