NTT America Highlights Key Industry Trends, Predictions for Remainder of 2011

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Hosting ServicesNEW YORK – NTT America, a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) and a Tier-1 global IP network services provider, today highlighted several key trends and upcoming industry developments in the broadband and IP transit industry.

“New technology innovations, global developments and the changing nature of how both businesses and consumers are using the Internet are all impacting our industry greatly,” said Michael Wheeler, vice president of NTT America’s Global IP Network business unit. “Now is the time for businesses to make the adjustments needed for success in the future.”
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Host Virtual Adds Native IPv4 + IPv6 Cloud in France and Amsterdam

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Hosting ServicesSan Jose, CA – Cloud hosting provider Host Virtual, Inc. added its 9th cloud location in Paris and a 10th location in Amsterdam. Host Virtual is also continuing its expansion in Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, and Reston, Virginia in the US based on demand.

“We’re very pleased to announce our third and fourth IPv4 + IPv6 cloud locations in Europe,” said Sandy Bhargavi, Host Virtual’s Vice President of Operations. “We’ve continued to see great success with our existing locations in London and Amsterdam and are expanding based on customer demand.” Read more

NTT America to Provide Perspectives on IPv6 Traction and 100GigE Adoption at Key Industry Events

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Hosting ServicesNEW YORK – NTT America, a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) and a Tier-1 global IP network services provider, today announced that key executives will be delivering stand-alone presentations at key industry events during the third quarter of 2011.

“As IPv6 adoption continues to mature among the ISP and enterprise community, NTT America continues to remain at the forefront of educating the industry about what’s next to come,” said Michael Wheeler, vice president, Global IP Network at NTT America. “Looking ahead toward 100GigE deployment, we bring our knowledge and expertise to the technology community to keep companies on track for success.” Read more

IP EXPO Spotlights Security With New Dedicated IT Security Focus

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Hosting ServicesLondon, UK – The UK’s end-to-end infrastructure show, IP EXPO, has added a new dedicated focus: SECURITY 11, which will cover IT security in a wider computing context.

SECURITY 11 will cover information security alongside exhibitors from the worlds of cloud computing, storage, wireless, virtualization and IP networking. Attendees can explore the impact security has on developing IT infrastructure and discuss the latest tools and procedures being developed to meet the security challenges posed by these disparate–yet interconnected–technology areas. Read more

InterNetX uses the technology of tomorrow with IPv6

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Webmaster ToolboxREGENSBURG – InterNetX is one of the leading providers in Germany of the Internet Protocol version 6 (short: IPv6), the successor of the communication technology IPv4, which is currently phasing out. InterNetX has been investing in this since 2004, expanding the company’s Tier 3 data center in Munich. InterNetX already offers customers the opportunity of transferring data via IPv6 through the Tier 3 data center.

A total of 4,3 billion IP addresses are available in the IPv4 address space. However, this capacity is coming to an end. For several years now, InterNetX has therefore built on the successive technology IPv6 that has developed into the standard of the future. Aside from providing virtually unlimited IP addresses, IPv6 also delivers considerable advantages for multi media applications, mobile end devices and the protection of privacy on the Internet. Read more

Hurricane Electric to Offer Premium Tunnel Broker Service

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Webmaster ToolboxFREMONT, Calif. – Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, announced today the availability of a new premium IPv6 tunnel broker service to complement its free and highly popular consumer-grade tunnel broker service.

The new production-grade tunnel broker service is intended for intensive business and enterprise computing environments. Supporting throughput of up to 1 Gbps, the premium service is available via IPv4 and IPv6 and allows both protocols within the dual-stacked tunnel. Customers can provide their own network prefix, or Hurricane Electric can provide one. The service, which will cost $500 per month, requires the use of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) as the routing protocol. Read more

World IPv6 Day Participation Continues to Grow

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Webmaster ToolboxGENEVA, SWITZERLAND and RESTON, VIRGINIA, USA – Hundreds of websites and Internet service providers around the world are joining Facebook, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM), Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW) as participants in World IPv6 Day for the first global-scale trial of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6, being organized by the Internet Society.

During World IPv6 Day on 8 June 2011, more than 225 participating organizations from every part of the globe will enable IPv6 on their main services for 24 hours. With IPv4 addresses running out this year, the industry must act quickly to accelerate full IPv6 adoption or risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere. World IPv6 Day participants are coming together to help motivate organizations across the industry—Internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, operating system vendors and other web companies—to prepare their services for the transition.

“The building interest in and amazing response to World IPv6 Day around the world is extremely encouraging, and highlights the growing momentum behind deploying IPv6,” said Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer for the Internet Society. “We see this test flight as an important step towards ensuring the global Internet can continue to grow and evolve so that it can connect billions of new users and devices.” Read more

Q9 to Participate in World IPv6 Day

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Webmaster ToolboxTORONTO – Q9 Networks is pleased to announce that after two years of planning and a 12-month deployment project, it has successfully implemented IPv6 throughout all of its data centers. As part of the upgrade project, Q9 is also now in a position to support customer networking requirements up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps).

IPv6 is a new Internet addressing protocol that will enable the continued rapid growth of the Internet.  The new protocol provides a number of benefits, including almost unlimited addressing capacity and better security. On June 8, 2011, Q9 will join with other leading Internet industry participants and the Internet Society in supporting “World IPv6 Day”, a global trial of the new protocol. Read more

Hurricane Electric Reports that Ten Percent of the Public Internets Routable Core Networks Support IPv6

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Webmaster ToolboxFremont, CA – Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and colocation provider, today announced that ten percent of the global Internet’s Autonomous Systems (core networks that support the Border Gateway Protocol) are fully IPv6 enabled.

Hurricane Electric also reports that 50% of well-connected service providers are IPv6 enabled.  Read more

UK Web Host Memset Prepares For World IPv6 Day

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Webmaster ToolboxSurrey, UK – Memset announced that it will join leaders from across the industry to participate in “World IPv6 Day” on June 8th 2011. The event, which is sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC), is designed to provide a global “test flight” of IPv6 capabilities bringing together major web providers, network operators, and ISPs to enable end-to-end IPv6 capabilities on major websites for 24 hours.

Memset who have already deployed IPv6 across their internal servers and own network, are rolling out a beta trial of their IPv6 network on June 1st.  Those signed up to the beta trial will be able to join and take part in World IPv6 Day. Read more

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