Intermedia Launches Online Backup for Servers

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Webmaster ToolboxNew York, NY – Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today launched a server backup option to its Online Backup service. The new feature allows customers to back up their Windows servers including versions 2000, 2003, and 2008 – protecting their server-based data in case of hardware issues or in the event a file is accidentally overwritten. Intermedia Online Backup also includes a desktop version – launched in April 2011 – that enables companies to automatically back up files on their employees’ desktops and laptops. The service is powered by Mozy™, an online backup service from EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC).

Businesses set up and manage Online Backup – both the server and desktop versions – from Intermedia’s HostPilot® Control Panel. HostPilot is used to manage all Intermedia cloud services, including the company’s popular hosted Exchange email and VoIP calling services. Intermedia’s integrated approach gives companies access to the cloud services required to run their business, sparing them from having to use multiple control panels or pay multiple bills. Read more

R1Soft to Showcase Continuous Data Protection at WorldHostingDays 2011

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Hosting ToolboxHOUSTON – R1Soft, developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) backup and disaster recovery software for servers in the Cloud, today revealed details regarding its upcoming appearance at WorldHostingDays (WHD) 2011. Set to run from March 22 through March 25 in Germany, WHD is one of the most prominent conferences and trade shows for the worldwide hosting industry. As a Gold Partner, R1Soft will be on hand to exhibit its CDP products and company vice president David Wartell will headline a hosting session on Tuesday, March 22. This year, WHD will also serve as the backdrop for R1Soft’s debut of CDP 3.0 on the international stage.

CDP 3.0 is R1Soft’s next generation of high-performance server backup software for Windows, Linux and virtual machines. Built using the latest in disk-based storage technologies, all three CDP 3.0 editions – Standard, Advanced and Enterprise – feature an industrial strength Disk Safe® made to protect archived data from corruption caused by crashes and power loss. Read more

R1Soft Releases Upgrades and Advances Backup Software Performance

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Hosting BlogHOUSTON, TX – R1Soft, developer of Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) – high performance disk-to-disk backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud – today announced the first release of CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Edition is the flagship product in R1Soft’s line of high performance backup software for hosting and Cloud infrastructure.

CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition includes the latest in disk-based backup storage capabilities. The new 3.0 Disk Safe uses on-disk journaling to protect archived backup data from corruption caused by crashes and power failures in the data center. This kind of industrial strength storage is not found in any other disk-to-disk backup software. The new Disk Safe is especially well suited for the growing storage demands of data centers, capable of storing up to 64 Terabytes of backup data and thousands of recovery points for each protected server. Read more

Managing Risk – Your Backup Strategy

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We’ve all been there. You think to yourself that you should back up a file, directory, or database then after making some really critical changes… do a quick file copy and – BAM! – all your work is lost. Less frequently on desktop machines – but surprisingly often on heavily used servers – a disk failure can result in even more catastrophic losses. If you consider that many sites online comprise the intellectual property, storefront, and contents of a business, a disk drive failure could at a minimum mean downtime for the business. In a worst-case scenario with a complete failure where all contents were lost, a business could be shut down immediately due to a loss of data, configuration, and/or the complete site software and configuration. All of this may be stating the obvious to most but, believe me, total data loss does happen to many sites that weren’t equipped with a proper backup strategy. Read more