AYKsolutions Announces New Data Center Space in San Jose, California

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Webmaster ToolboxSchenectady, NY – AYKsolutions, a leading provider of web hosting solutions and unmetered servers, announced today a new addition to its extensive network of high-performance data centers with new data center space in San Jose, CA. Powered by SoftLayer, the San Jose hosting facility is part of AYKsolutions’ long-term expansion strategy, aimed at providing reliable dedicated servers to customers around the world.

“We are delighted to demonstrate our renewed commitment to offering high-performance data center presence in new areas around the world,” says Artyom Khmelnitsky, President of AYKsolutions. “Now with 12 data center locations, our new San Jose, CA hosting space is part of our ongoing strategy to build a global presence, enabling customers to deploy solutions on a global scale while keeping everything under one roof, and save money in operating costs.”

With the addition of the new San Jose data center space, AYKsolutions offers the same high-performance, cost-effective hosting solutions to customers who want reliable dedicated server hosting with multiple points of presence including the same great network, remote features, and support as the dedicated server hosting provider’s other SoftLayer Network Operations Centers (NOCs). All servers start with 100TB on a 1Gbps port and can be upgraded to a 1Gbps unmetered dedicated port at competitive prices. AYKsolutions’ new San Jose hosting facility demonstrates the company’s impressive evolution, driven by a sustained effort to increase the quality of dedicated server hosting solutions and the number of dedicated hosting locations.

“The new San Jose data center is run by SoftLayer and it will offer the same great, high bandwidth, cost-effective solutions that we offer at their other locations including full root access, unmetered bandwidth, and a backend Gigabit network,” says Khmelnitsky. “Our feedback tells us that customers look for reliable dedicated hosting supported by a robust infrastructure so our expansion to San Jose is designed to fulfill the growing demand for reliable dedicated servers.”

With the addition of the latest data center space, AYKsolutions maintains its commitment to deliver competitive hosting plans at consistently high standards and affordable prices. Customers interested in learning more about AYKsolutions’ new San Jose data center space or their range of dedicated server hosting plans are encouraged to visit Read more

SGI Announces Major Upgrades to Rackable and CloudRack Product Families

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Webmaster ToolboxFREMONT, Calif. — SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a trusted leader in technical computing, today announced that it now offers pre-configured data intensive solutions for its flexible and energy-efficient SGI® Rackable™ and SGI® CloudRack™ C2 family of rackmount and tray-based servers. These solutions support Hadoop as the overlying application layer, and can be designed and built with the customer’s choice of processors.

“As an open source, data-intensive programming framework, Hadoop is exploding in popularity,” said Bill Mannel, vice president of product marketing at SGI. “SGI offers a unique combination of eco-friendly hardware, open software, and expert services and support, making SGI the ideal choice for Hadoop customers. We recently completed construction of a very large Hadoop cluster for a customer in our Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, manufacturing facility, providing customized management software, and allowing our customer to use and test its system while its datacenter was being completed.” Read more

AMD and Multicoreware Team to Help Developers Optimize the use of OpenCL for AMD Fusion APUs

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Webmaster ToolboxSUNNYVALE, CA — AMD announced a new collaboration with Multicoreware, a leader in software solutions and tool development for multi-core and heterogeneous computing environments, to deliver an advanced set of tools for OpenCL™ optimization. The tools development effort accelerates software developers’ ability to create and optimize software that fully exploits the unique processing capability of AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

“Accelerated parallel processing represents unprecedented levels of computing capability in mobile form factors, and the tools suite that Multicoreware is developing enables application developers to achieve this performance benefit with less effort,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program. “Our work with Multicoreware marks another milestone toward broad industry adoption of OpenCL as we equip developers with necessary tools to build innovative, next-generation applications ranging from consumer PCs to high-performance computing.” Read more

SoftLayer Launches San Jose Data Center

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Webmaster ToolboxDALLAS SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative provider of Cloud, Dedicated, and seamlessly integrated environments, today announced the launch of its first California data center facility, located in San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Designated SJC01, the new facility has capacity for more than 12,000 servers in three data center pods. With an advanced dual-path network structure, including redundant network interface cards (NICs) in every server, customers can select up to 2G of connectivity for any SJC01 server and configure their networking resources to achieve all new levels of efficiency.

“SJC01 increases our rapidly growing footprint. We now have a total capacity for more than 155,000 servers in 11 data centers, and seven additional network Points of Presence (POPs),” said Sam Fleitman, SoftLayer Chief Operating Officer. “Our customers in the region, as well as customers around the world that have end users in the area, are excited to leverage the better end-user experience that closer proximity can bring. And we’re excited to be a new local option for some of technology’s greatest companies.”

“SoftLayer is the Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider of choice for customers that want innovation, the best network, and the ultimate control,” said Lance Crosby, SoftLayer Chief Executive Officer. “Those advantages make a huge difference to software and technology developers, social media operations, and more. And nowhere do you find more of those enterprises than Silicon Valley. It’s a perfect fit for hosting’s innovation leader to come to technology’s innovation capital.

Key features of SJC01 include:

– Redundant network infrastructure
– Fully-automated platform
– SAS70 Type II compliance
– Multiple tier 1 carriers
– Unique pod design concept

Like all SoftLayer data centers, the San Jose facility is functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through SoftLayer’s revolutionary network architecture, allowing seamless inter-data center capabilities. SJC01 has 24×7 onsite support and multiple security protocols controlling entrance to the facility. It is fully connected to SoftLayer’s data centers located in Dallas, Houston, Seattle, and the Washington D.C. area, and to the company’s network Points of Presence in seven additional U.S. cities.

SJC01 servers can be ordered starting today at or through the company’s leading Customer Portal. Read more

Future Facilities Announces Data Center Design and Analysis Update

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Hosting ServicesSAN JOSE, CA – Future Facilities has introduced 6SigmaDC release 6.1 of its popular data center design and operations software. The new release provides an enhanced toolset for the virtual modeling of electronic components, systems and data centers, enabling cooling challenges to be addressed right throughout the supply chain.

Using 6SigmaDC, data center designers can construct a holistic and mathematically accurate 3D model of any facility at any point in its lifecycle. The model, or Virtual Facility (VF), can then be used to assess initial design proposals as well as layout and load changes prior to physical implementation; saving time and avoiding risk and cost. Read more

Virtual Internet achieves VMware Enterprise Partner status

March 15, 2011 by · Comments Off on Virtual Internet achieves VMware Enterprise Partner status 

Hosting ToolboxLONDON – Virtual Internet (VI) – one of UK’s leading providers of business-class web hosting solutions –announced they have achieved VMware Enterprise Partner status.  Virtual Internet has been a partner with the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure VMware for years by now.

Back in 2001 year VMware has quite literally knocked down all contenders in the enterprise space since it come online offering the most compact, scalable, secure, and portable virtual machines in the cloud marketplace. As opposed to a traditional hosting environment, where your website is hosted on a single server, often alongside multiple other websites, cloud hosting is basically a complicated arrangement of multiple servers in clusters. Read more

Modius and LogicMonitor Form Partnership to Extend SaaS-based Monitoring

February 9, 2011 by · Comments Off on Modius and LogicMonitor Form Partnership to Extend SaaS-based Monitoring 

Hosting BlogSan Francisco and Santa Barbara, CA – Modius Inc. and LogicMonitor today announced a technology partnership to develop advanced monitoring capabilities for power and cooling infrastructure, allowing data center managers to generate a unified view of IT performance and energy consumption across their entire data center.

The unified view of both IT and physical infrastructure from a ‘single pane of glass’ will provide a previously unobtainable level of data center intelligence, enabling a comprehensive view of system performance stretching across both IT and facilities.
Read more

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