Top Launches Cloud Based SharePoint VPS Plans

March 1, 2011 by · Comments Off on Launches Cloud Based SharePoint VPS Plans 

Hosting BlogUNITED KINGDOM –, a UK based managed web hosting provider, today launched Cloud based SharePoint VPS Plans that offer 100% uptime guarantee. The company states that all of these servers are based on Hyper-v virtualization system and use Cloud hosting environment. It explains that all of their cloud clusters are hosted in a TIER IV facility which eliminates any possibility of downtime due to a power or network outage. It further explains that in the event of hardware failure, Cloud VM’s automatically migrate away from the failing hardware to another member of the cloud ensuring there is no downtime relating to power outages, network failures, failure of servers or storage devices.

The company avers that it offers three different plans to choose from. Some of the key features of SharePoint VPS Hosting plans include MsSQL 2008 Standard Edition, IIS7, Administrator RDP Login, Dedicated RAM and CPU, Dedicated IP’s, FrontPage Extensions, ODBC Support and more. It explains that each server has its own Active Directory and SharePoint instance giving the user a complete control on their SharePoint environment. It states that these servers not only offer greater reliability in the form of 100% uptime and scalability in the form of easy upgrades, but also guarantee higher level of security. Read more