SingleHop Announces Data Center Expansion

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Web Hosting ServicesCHICAGO — SingleHop, Inc., the Chicago-based provider of dedicated servers and complex hosting solutions, today announced a five-year and $7 million commitment to expand their datacenter facilities in the Chicago region. The expansion effectively doubles the firm’s worldwide network capacity, as well as their footprint at the Elk Grove (IL) facility where their second datacenter is located.

SingleHop was established in late 2006 and has grown to three locations in the Chicago area and generated over $10 million in annualized revenue. SingleHop’s expected investments in the region will total over $20 million within the next three years. The firm offers high-end web, application, and database hosting solutions to clients in over 100 countries and has become a household name in the Internet industry for world-class reliability, technological innovation, and unparalleled management services. Read more

SingleHop Announces Upcoming Cascade Cloud Services

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Web Hosting ToolsCHICAGO – SingleHop, a leading Chicago-based dedicated and managed web hosting provider, today announced the planned launch of its new Cascade cloud hosting platform. Cascade will consist of several new cloud services that will be rolled out this spring.

SingleHop’s Cascade program is named for a skydiving term, which describes two lines that run together into a single line. Vice President of Communications Dan Salcedo commented that “the name of the program is relevant, because our goal here has been to develop a cloud product that integrates exceptionally well with dedicated servers. The current integration of cloud computing and dedicated hosting is cumbersome, and as such, the level of adoption from dedicated server users has been low. Like the cascading lines of a skydiver, Cascade is a suite of cloud services that will be integrated with SingleHop dedicated servers to offer all of the great functionality of cloud computing.” Read more

SingleHop Announces Free High-Performance R1Soft CDP Backups

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Web Hosting ToolsCHICAGO, IL – SingleHop, Inc., a leading Chicago-based dedicated and managed web hosting provider, today announced it will offer free high-performance, disk-to-disk R1Soft CDP backups to all Windows and Linux server clients.

By offering R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) software for free, SingleHop enhances the customer experience with reliable backups, MySQL table-level restoration, and an overall higher value of service. Customers will also benefit from the convenience of simple backup management provided by R1Soft’s easy-to-use interface.
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SingleHop partners with GlobalSign to provide strong SSL Security Solutions

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Webmaster NewsPortsmouth, NH – GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in SSL Partner Programs, today announced a new partnership with SingleHop, the Chicago based dedicated and complex hosting provider. The partnership will allow SingleHop’s customers to secure their website transactions, login pages, webmail, servers, and connections using GlobalSign’s highly trusted 2048 bit SSL technology. Furthermore, through the new partnership, the webhost firm will now offer clients the ability to seamlessly purchase and manage GlobalSign’s products directly from LEAP. LEAP is SingleHop’s proprietary server management suite, which spans desktop, WebTop and mobile options, providing the highest level of server control in the industry.

SingleHop host thousands of websites around the world and is focused on providing cost effective dedicated servers. SingleHop’s hosting services and solutions are provided via an innovative à la carte program which allows customers to tailor packages to meet their individual needs and support levels. As a current provider of SSL Certificates, SingleHop made the decision to switch to GlobalSign’s Partner Program from another SSL provider due to GlobalSign’s simplified, high value and feature packed SSL product range, comprehensive tools available to successfully resell SSL, and overall expertise in the channel market. Read more

SingleHop marked 2009 growth with a 14,000 foot Skydive

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Webmaster News Chicago – Sometimes significant milestones need to be marked in significant ways. SingleHop, Inc., a full-service, managed hosting provider, has hit one of those milestones. For the third quarter ended September 30th, the company generated revenues of $1.62 million, representing a 19.5% increase over the second quarter of this year. Revenues increased 119% over the same time period last year. To celebrate this milestone, on October 24th more than 80% of the firm’s employees went skydiving from an altitude of over 14,000 ft. According to Stephanie Ostheimer, one of SingleHop’s Account Managers, “SingleHop went skydiving to demonstrate that we have the same zest for life that we do providing reliable, cost-effective, dedicated servers, along with exceptional customer service. Focusing on doing this each and every day has propelled us to incredible growth, and always trying to find new boundaries we chose to celebrate by skydiving.”

The other achievements in the company’s third quarter include:

• $6.9 million annualized run rate Read more

SingleHop Announces New LEAP widget

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Web Hosting ToolsChicago, IL – Managed dedicated and complex hosting provider, SingleHop, today released a new addition to it’s LEAP Total Server Control system, the LEAP widget. A comprehensive cross‐platform application that allows instant server management without the need of a web‐browser, and straight from the customers desktop. LEAP widget is part of the LEAP platform which includes mobile (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Pre and other supported devices,) and web‐based desktop (web‐top) access.

The application provides tremendous control in managing dedicated servers with functions (which normally require logging into LEAP) such as: submitting tickets, reviewing and updating support tickets, checking the status of the network, reviewing bandwidth usage, remote rebooting servers, viewing bandwidth overages, and more just by opening your LEAP widget from the desktop. The LEAP widget currently supports Windows Vista and Apple OS X natively, as well as various types of Linux and Unix‐based operating systems that support Adobe AIR. LEAP widget is the first tool within the hosting industry that allows for quick and easy server management on your desktop, and entirely independent of a web browser.

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SingleHop Selects nLayer Communications for IP Network Expansion

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Web Hosting ToolsCHICAGO – nLayer Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Internet connectivity and wholesale bandwidth solutions, announced today that it has been selected by managed web-hosting company SingleHop to provide 30 Gigabits per second of network connectivity at multiple Chicago-area facilities.

“We’re very pleased to have this opportunity to provide the high bandwidth connectivity that will enable SingleHop to support the bandwidth intensive services their customers require,” said Richard Steenbergen, Chief Technical Officer of nLayer Communications. “Our robust global IP backbone gives us the scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of companies with significant IP traffic requirements, and to provide unparalleled performance and reliability.” Read more

SingleHop Launches New Data Center

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Webmaster ToolsChicago, IL – Managed web-hosting provider SingleHop, today announced the opening of a new data center. The new space marks the hosting provider’s second data center and is part of SingleHop’s aggressive expansion. The facility has top of the line specifications in redundancy, security, connectivity, and cooling systems. The facilities’ power, UPS system, and HVAC systems are rated at a minimum of N+2, which means that for each system, there are two independent backups that ensure ongoing functionality were the original system to fail.

Some specifications of SingleHop’s new data center include:

-10,000 square feet of initial, raised-floor data center space Read more