SiteGround Launches Free MySpace Credit With Hosting

November 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on SiteGround Launches Free MySpace Credit With Hosting 

Webmaster ToolboxPanama – All US and Canadian customers of the web hosting provider SiteGround can now use a free credit of $25.00 for advertising on one of the biggest social networks – MySpace. The new extra is now available thanks to a collaboration between the two companies.

Similar collaborations are a great win-win situation for all involved parties. On the one hand, the provider of the advertising space (MySpace) demonstrates the benefits of its service directly to the website owners and thus increases the number of its active advertisers. On the other hand, the web hosting company (SiteGround) provides a useful additional feature for free. This helps them both to attract new customers and to ensure that more of the existing ones will have a successful website and will use their hosting for many years to come. And last but not least, the website owners themselves receive a great opportunity to popularize their online endeavors. Read more

SiteGround launches innovative SSH service

November 12, 2009 by · Comments Off on SiteGround launches innovative SSH service 

Webmaster News Panama – SiteGround web hosting has recently added an advanced in-house developed SSH access feature to their extra services portfolio. What gives it an edge over the competition is the increased security and the greater flexibility of use compared to the common SSH solutions.

SiteGround’s innovative technology allows every client with SSH access to be limited within a chrooted directory – a secure environment of their hosting account with no access to the rest of the accounts hosted on the server. Other features of the new extra service include better key authentication methods and more flexibility by setting IP-based SSH access permissions. Read more

SiteGround Implements Highest Assurance SSL Technology

September 9, 2009 by · Comments Off on SiteGround Implements Highest Assurance SSL Technology 

Web Hosting ToolsPanama – SiteGround, a leading web hosting provider, has recently added the EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate to its website. Now the green color in the address bar shows that SiteGround company has gone through a thorough validation process. The advanced SSL technology is also available for all SiteGround customers, who can add it as an upgrade to their hosting accounts.

Thanks to the EV SSL certificate, visitors will see the reassuring green address bar containing company information verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). The EV SSL is the only certificate ensuring that a domain is owned and a website is operated by a legitimate organization. The validation process ran by the SSL issuing authorities is not automatic as for the other SSL certificates. Instead, a thorough personal investigation by an authorized professional is required before such a certificate is issued.

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SiteGround Offers Unlimited Space and Traffic

April 29, 2009 by · Comments Off on SiteGround Offers Unlimited Space and Traffic 

Web Hosting ToolsPanama – SiteGround web hosting company has announced that it has set its traffic and space quotas to unlimited on all its shared hosting accounts. It has already upgraded all its existing shared accounts with the new features at no additional cost.

The company says the feature increase has been planned for months. SiteGround server administrators have made serious preparations to make sure that the servers meet the demand. They have introduced multiple system optimizations before the launch so that the new features are available to all new and existing customers. Read more

SiteGround Adds New Features To Control Panel

April 23, 2009 by · Comments Off on SiteGround Adds New Features To Control Panel 

Webmaster ToolsPanama – SiteGround web hosting company recently announced the launch of multiple new functionalities in its customized cPanel theme Crystal. The most important new additions were specifically requested by customers and include: multiple languages, important notices section, and instant full and partial backups.

After the launch of the company’s customized cPanel’s theme Crystal in the beginning of March, SiteGround has requested feedback from customers on what features they would like to see embedded in Crystal. The top two user suggestions were multilanguage support and instant backups. Just a few weeks later, the company introduced the requested enhancements. Read more