SoftLayer Sponsors StopBadware to Help Combat Malware

June 2, 2011 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer Sponsors StopBadware to Help Combat Malware 

Webmaster ToolboxDALLASSoftLayer® Technologies, the innovative Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Hosting provider, today announced its sponsorship of the non-profit anti-malware organization StopBadware. Founded in 2006, StopBadware provides tools and resources that help website owners, Web hosting providers, end users, and URL blacklist operators fulfill their respective roles in defending the Web against badware. The organization’s services include:

  • Badware Website Clearinghouse
  • Independent review process
  • Tips for users and website owners
  • Community forum
  • Guidelines and definitions
  • Web hosting best practices
  • Aggregated data & badware trends
  • Reports and insights

“SoftLayer recently demonstrated their commitment to combating badware by supporting our best practices for Web hosting providers,” said Maxim Weinstein, Executive Director of StopBadware. “We’re excited they have elected to extend their support by becoming a StopBadware sponsor.”

“We are proud to sponsor StopBadware,” said Sean Charnock, Senior Vice President of Business Development for SoftLayer. “More than 22 million websites are hosted on SoftLayer’s infrastructure, making us one of the largest providers in the world. With such a reach, we believe it is our duty to strengthen efforts to protect the Internet for everyone.”

SoftLayer joins industry leaders Google, Mozilla, PayPal, and Verizon in supporting StopBadware, which last year spun off from Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Earlier this month, the organization released best practices that guide hosting providers in responding to malware reports. This report is available in full at Read more

SoftLayer Named a Top 10 Cloud IaaS Provider in the Australian Market

March 23, 2011 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer Named a Top 10 Cloud IaaS Provider in the Australian Market 

Hosting ToolboxDALLAS SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative on-demand data center services provider, today announced that the research firm Longhaus has named SoftLayer the strongest offshore (no Australian data center) trusted infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider for Australian enterprises.

Longhaus conducted a detailed review based on 60 criteria resulting in the top 34 short-listed cloud providers currently serving Australian customers. Longhaus’ Pulse® methodology rates vendors based on their company performance, overall cloud solution and commitment to the Australian market.

“Receiving this recognition is great validation for the SoftLayer model,” said George Karidis, SoftLayer Chief Strategy Officer. “We are delighted to be included and look forward to gaining further traction as our international expansion plans accelerate.”

SoftLayer’s growth outside of North America leverages the firm’s unique ability to address the dynamic needs of businesses. SoftLayer’s cloud, dedicated, and hybrid infrastructure solutions offer an option for enterprises of any size, from any industry, to outsource their data center infrastructure needs and focus their resources on operational needs rather than capital expenditures, regardless of their geographic locale. Read more

SoftLayer® Provides Infrastructure for Streaming Masters Tournament

April 14, 2010 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer® Provides Infrastructure for Streaming Masters Tournament 

Web Host ToolboxDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies®, a leader in highly scalable, on-demand data center services, was the provider of critical data center and network infrastructure used for streaming video of the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament live on the Internet, April 5 through 11. More than 600 SoftLayer servers were deployed for the webcast. The company hit network traffic peaks approaching 170Gbps on Thursday and 190Gbps on Friday of last week. Total network traffic was 40% above normal traffic loads.

“SoftLayer is the ideal infrastructure provider when a Web service of any kind, from content delivery to social media applications, needs to massively scale for a specific period or event,” said Ric Moseley, SoftLayer Vice President of Engineering. “With fully automated services, our customers know they can scale to exactly the type and level of resources they need, for as long as they need them. It’s a seamless extension of their dayto- day environment—just as reliable and robust.”

SoftLayer has more than 26,000 deployed servers in their three geographically diverse data centers, and over 300Gbps of total network capacity. The company is continuously expanding its network capabilities: its total capacity will more than double in the coming weeks, reaching 1,000Gbps with the launch of multiple new network Points of Presence and the addition of several network carriers. Read more

SoftLayer® Adds IPsec for Secure, Robust Remote Access

March 11, 2010 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer® Adds IPsec for Secure, Robust Remote Access 

SoftlayerWeb Hosting ToolsDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies®, a global provider of on-demand data center hosting and cloud services, has announced the addition of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) to its best-in-class portal allowing customers to securely connect to their infrastructure environment through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

IPsec provides a framework of protocols for protecting transmissions over an IP network. This allows the creation of a secure VPN over the existing Internet, with data fully encrypted and secure when transferred between two points. IPsec resides at the network level and can be implemented regardless of applications used, giving remote users full access to their network and to robust data, voice, or video applications.
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Telx® Selected as Connectivity Partner by Softlayer®

March 9, 2010 by · Comments Off on Telx® Selected as Connectivity Partner by Softlayer® 

SoftlayerWeb Hosting ToolsDALLAS — Telx®, the leading interconnection and colocation provider in strategic North American markets, today announced that it has been selected as a connectivity partner by SoftLayer®, a global provider of on-demand data center, hosting, and cloud services. SoftLayer has established a Point-of-Presence (POP) within Telx’s secure, connection-rich colocation facilities in Atlanta and New York City, enabling secure, reliable delivery of services across several key U.S. cities at an accelerated market entry schedule.

“In any given market, there are probably 10 or more providers that we could have gone to, especially in a place like New York or Atlanta,” said George Karidis, chief strategy officer at SoftLayer. “We looked for the best provider that had the right cost structure, the right flexibility, and the right amount of connectivity. Telx was that provider. Today, our customers can directly tap into our infrastructure on a guaranteed, high-speed connection without going over the public Internet. The Telx solution provides high redundancy, security, and limitless scalability.”

As a connectivity partner, Telx delivers a secure, connection-rich environment from which SoftLayer can offer low-latency access to its applications and network infrastructure. A customer in Atlanta, for example, can connect to a SoftLayer data center in Dallas, Seattle, or Washington DC, through either a VPN or Metro-LAN connection. The Telx interconnection replaces the need for a public Internet connection, ensuring that the network is more secure, latency is reduced, quality of service is enhanced, and the number of hops is minimized. This empowers SoftLayer’s customers to optimize application performance, while keeping SoftLayer’s market entry speed high and operational costs low.
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SoftLayer® Completes Second Annual SAS 70 Type II Audit

January 26, 2010 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer® Completes Second Annual SAS 70 Type II Audit 

SoftlayerWeb HostingDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies®, the innovative on-demand data center services provider, has completed the SAS 70 Type II audit for a second year. The review was conducted by an independent auditing agency and included extensive testing performed over a 12-month period. It involved all existing SoftLayer data center facilities in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

SoftLayer’s SAS 70 data centers must maintain prescribed levels of data security and redundancy, as well as personnel controls. Specific procedures for accessing servers or data must be followed by data center staff in order; all systems access and activity must be logged, and all physical access must be highly controlled.

“A SAS 70 Type II review is an in-depth survey of a service organization’s control objectives and activities,” said Steve Kinman, Customer Service Manager for SoftLayer. “With an objective evaluation of our organization’s effectiveness in meeting our control objectives, we can continue to assure our customers the highest levels of security and reliability. It is an important step for any service organization supporting outsourced, mission-critical, and information technology services.”
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SoftLayer® Rolls Out VeriSign® Identity Protection

January 12, 2010 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer® Rolls Out VeriSign® Identity Protection 

SoftlayerWeb Hosting ToolboxDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies® today began offering the VeriSign® Identity Protection (VIP) two-factor authentication system as an additional layer of security protecting customer account access. SoftLayer is an infrastructure as a service provider, and allows customers to manage their entire IT environment via a proprietary Customer Portal. With VIP, customers can now require a second level of authentication to log into the Portal.

“Our customers want the highest assurance their infrastructure is protected. Authentication is key to that confidence,” said George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer for SoftLayer. “VIP provides a powerful safeguard against unauthorized access, protecting our customers from the costs and challenges of online fraud and malicious activity.” Read more

SoftLayer™ Success Continues Growing

October 13, 2009 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer™ Success Continues Growing 

SoftlayerHosting Blog DALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies™, the innovative on-demand data center services provider, has continued to solidify its financial strength throughout 2009 and is on track to report more than $80 million in revenue for 2009. SoftLayer provides highly automated, on-demand data center and IT services that allow businesses to more efficiently utilize their resources and decrease their capital expenditures. The company has experienced 12 months of GAAP profitability and sequential growth.

“We’re extremely proud that our record of success has continued. Our momentum just keeps building,” said Mike Jones, CFO, SoftLayer. “It’s not a coincidence that, in this economic climate, more customers are turning to us for services designed to help them optimize their operations and focus on their own business objectives. SoftLayer’s results to date can be attributed to the use of cutting-edge technology deployments that did not exist 3-5 years ago.”

Key milestones for SoftLayer through the beginning of October of this year have included:
• $90 million annualized run rate
• +40% EBITDA margins
• 12 consecutive months of sequential increases in GAAP profitability Read more

SoftLayer™ Introduces New Intel® Xeon® Processors

October 7, 2009 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer™ Introduces New Intel® Xeon® Processors 

SoftlayerWeb Host BlogDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies™ today announced the availability of servers with new Intel® Xeon® 3450 and Intel Xeon 3460 processors. SoftLayer is the first data center service provider to offer customers these powerful new processors, built with the chip manufacturer’s leading Nehalem microarchitecture.

The 3400 series processors and chipsets deliver dependability, productivity, and outstanding performance, and are designed to improve the productivity of most server applications. Additional benefits include:
– Flexible memory configurations
– Power-saving architecture
– Improved virtualization experience
– Intel turbo boost technology Read more

SoftLayer™ Introduces Bare Metal Cloud™

October 5, 2009 by · Comments Off on SoftLayer™ Introduces Bare Metal Cloud™ 

SoftlayerWeb Host BlogDALLAS — SoftLayer Technologies™, the leading on-demand data center services provider, has announced the addition of Bare Metal Cloud™ computing instances to its line of CloudLayer™ services. Bare Metal Cloud computing instances do not require a hypervisor, providing a cloud computing option that’s more viable for workloads that demand direct access to physical hardware, such as databases and calculation-intensive applications.

“Bare Metal Cloud gives customers with certain workloads the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility, provisioning, and on-demand billing advantages of cloud computing,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer, SoftLayer. “It’s scalable and pay as you go—all the power and advantages of virtualized hardware without the overhead of a hypervisor.”

Bare Metal Cloud customers can select the number of cores needed to adapt to workloads and capacity required, with their choice of hourly and monthly rates:
– 2 Core – 2GB RAM -250GB HDD – $159.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $0.50 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth
– 4 Core – 4GB RAM – 250GB HDD – $199.00 Monthly + 2000GB or $0.75 Hourly + $0.10/GB Bandwidth
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