Top Donates to Save the Elephants in Response to GoDaddy Elephant Hunt

April 1, 2011 by · Comments Off on Donates to Save the Elephants in Response to GoDaddy Elephant Hunt 

Web Hosting BlogLos Angeles , CA –, a leading domain registrar based in Los Angeles, has responded to a recent video showing the CEO of GoDaddy shooting at a parade of elephants in Zimbabwe, killing one. Namecheap has offered a domain transfer special offering all of those disturbed by these actions a cost-effective way to transfer their domains to Twenty percent of the revenue generated for each domain transfer is being donated to a charity organization, Save The Elephants.

In the past 24 hours, the social media space was up in arms when the discovery of the video surfaced, bringing GoDaddy to trending topics on Twitter. Said one representative of Namecheap. “All of us at Namecheap were very disturbed by this video. Elephants are an endangered species and hunting these for any reason is something we feel strongly against. Feedback from GoDaddy customers also showed they felt strongly about such practices so we have launched a special offer allowing them to move away from GoDaddy. Our domain transfer special allows you to transfer your com/net/org domains out of GoDaddy for $4.99 using coupon code BYEBYEGD and we will donate 20% from each transfer to Save the Elephants.”
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eNom Announces New Portal to Promote and Educate on Uses of .ORG

March 24, 2011 by · Comments Off on eNom Announces New Portal to Promote and Educate on Uses of .ORG 

Web Hosting BlogBELLEVUE, WA – eNom, Inc., the world’s largest ICANN accredited domain name wholesale registrar, today announced the launch of a new portal,, designed to drive awareness of the multiple uses for the .ORG top-level domain name (TLD). The new .ORG marketing portal features information to help companies and organizations learn how to best use the .ORG TLD in order to create programs around corporate and social responsibility.

“We believe that .ORG is a powerful and universal brand,” said Chris Sheridan, vice president of business development for eNom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Demand Media™. “Through our partnership with The Public Interest Registry (PIR), we have leveraged our content creation platform to develop a destination that can educate people on the benefits of the .ORG TLD.” Read more

LogicBoxes Hits 5 million Domain Names Milestone

March 17, 2011 by · Comments Off on LogicBoxes Hits 5 million Domain Names Milestone 

Hosting Toolbox – LogicBoxes announced today that it now empowers over 5 million domain names, through 50,000 resellers, across 90+ ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrars, in 240 different countries.

With the domain name industry growing rapidly in the past 5 years, LogicBoxes has been a pioneer in providing domain registry and registrar solutions. Through its unique offering of a Registrar Automation Platform, LogicBoxes now powers over 5 million domain names across 50 top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, .net, .info and several country code top level domain (ccTLDs) such as .ca, .nz, .uk (the ccTLDs for Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom respectively). Read more

Hitachi to Partner with GMO Registry to Apply for and Operate .hitachi Domain

March 3, 2011 by · Comments Off on Hitachi to Partner with GMO Registry to Apply for and Operate .hitachi Domain 

Hosting BlogTokyo, JAPAN – GMO Internet Group company, GMO Registry today announces it will work together with Hitachi, Ltd. to apply for and operate the new generic Top Level Domain, “.hitachi”.

Worldwide there are 21 gTLDs in use (“.com” “.net” etc.) including restricted domains like “.edu” and “.gov”. Internet governing body, ICANN is set to expand the existing generic top level domain space and as a result several organizations and regional governments have already announced plans to acquire new gTLDs when applications open this year. Read more

Afilias Releases Update on the .INFO Domain

February 26, 2009 by · Comments Off on Afilias Releases Update on the .INFO Domain 

Webmaster NewsDublin, Ireland – Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services, has released a report highlighting the growth of the .INFO domain and its new developments. With changes expected for the domain industry in coming year as new top-level domains are introduced, .INFO’s success story allows for reflection on the building of a strong and stable domain with staying power.

“Building a new TLD is hard, long-term work and many elements need to be in place for it to be successful,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias “This report reveals that over the past eight years, .INFO has proven itself to be not just a globally intuitive path to information on the Net, but an enduring one as well.” Read more

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