tyBit Pay-Per-Position (PPP) Advertising Model Takes Aim at PPC

July 9, 2009 by · Comments Off on tyBit Pay-Per-Position (PPP) Advertising Model Takes Aim at PPC 

TybitWeb Hosting Tools – Will PPC become an obsolete model? CEO Clarence Briggs of search engine seems to think so. “We’re cranking out 60 to 70 million searches a month through thousands of distributed partners and affiliates, and we are giving away PPC advertising,” said Briggs. “Our model is simple and affordable. We give away PPC ads, but our preferred advertisers bid in a pay-per-position or PPP auction. They bid on positions 1 through 10 and pay a flat, daily rate starting at only $1 a day for a key term, regardless of the number of impressions or clicks,” said Briggs. “In the first week, we have had over 400 advertisers sign up for PPP based on our Global Keyword Registration (GKR) system,” said Briggs.

With the news last month that PPC clickers aren’t the valuable customers that advertisers might have expected, will we see a major change in the revenue models of search engines? According to a recent Kiss-SEO report about PPC click-through rates, 6% of ad clickers are responsible for 50% of display ad clicks. These clickers, tagged as “Natural Born Clickers” further erode the validity of pay-per-click models because of their demographics.

These clickers tend to be younger, in the 25-44 age bracket, and have lower incomes, less than $40,000. What that means, is that many companies that measure the success of their ad campaigns by the number of click-throughs, are possibly getting site visitors not able to purchase the products or services advertised. The study went on to imply that the success of an ad campaign, therefore shouldn’t be measured by clicks, but rather than by exposure. If that inference sticks, we might see search engines revert to the old CPM model or some new paradigm?

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AIT Challenges Hosting Market – Offers FREE Web Hosting for Life

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AITWeb Hosting ToolsFayetteville, NC AIT has launched a no-cost “ad-free” web hosting account to provide businesses and individuals with a free website for life at their own domain name to enhance the visibility of its core products and services and the tyBit – Unified Search engine. “It’s pretty straightforward. Anyone looking for a web hosting account to host their own domain can call us and get setup in minutes. Our goal is to introduce both AIT and tyBit to a wider audience by giving away free web hosting accounts,” said, Avery Skelton VP of Sales & Marketing for AIT.

There is one free hosting account per customer. Those who sign up receive ample disk space, bandwidth, control panel as well as additional features to enhance their web presence. The company stated that it anticipates hundreds of new signups weekly as a result of the stunning initiative. “This is a limited time promo that we will run to help smaller clients get through these difficult economic times,” said Skelton.

There is nothing new about the “Free Movement” on the Internet. Free is also the subject of new book by Wired editor Chris Anderson, “Free: The Future of a Radical Price,” which got its first big review this week, by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker, a media moment that’s provided much entertainment to observers. There are four strands of argument in Anderson’s thesis. The claim that digital infrastructure is effectively Free, consumers love Free, Free means never having to say you’re sorry or make a judgment, and a commercial claim that a market created by the technological Free and the psychological Free can make you a lot of money.

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AIT Says Upgrade Now to Stay Competitive

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AITWebmaster ToolsFayetteville, NC – Over the last 14 years, AIT has seen and helped thousands of businesses grow, improve and profit. “We have helped start ups grow up to become million dollar companies using our Enterprise hosting and ecommerce solutions. AIT began as a grass roots movement. Our company culture, core values and technology were built from the ground up and forged on the basis of putting the customer first” according to Sean McCoy Chief marketing Officer. AIT is offering discounts of 20% to 40% on Hosted Exchange, Email Marketing Pro, and Anti-Spam Pro standard pricing to new and existing hosting plan customers. For more information call 1-800-878-4084 or email AIT at .

“I am always amazed at the ingenuity of entrepreneurs from selling health products, collectibles, motorcycles and real estate to providing dating, gaming and financial services. I have seen our business customers go from small brick and mortar storefronts to selling their products and services worldwide”, says Clarence Briggs CEO of AIT. Briggs continues, “These low cost yet very effective upgrades to the basic web hosting plan give our business customers a competitive advantage in their effort to sell more products and services to their customers”.

In today’s tough economic environment, the need to keep costs under control, increase productivity and revenues can be achieved with AIT’s new Enterprise Class servers and the web based programs of Hosted Exchange, Email Marketer Pro and Anti Spam Pro. Yet, businesses must spend money to let the world know how to contact them.

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New Online Marketing Platform – Declares Independence for Businesses

June 18, 2009 by · Comments Off on New Online Marketing Platform – Declares Independence for Businesses 

AITWebsite ToolsFayetteville NC – In the current economy, many businesses are bringing their marketing and PR efforts in-house and targeting their consumers directly in an effort to cut costs and improve ROI. According to the Center for Media Research this move to be independent is being shaped by “four trends impacting consumer-centric marketing: consumer adoption of new, low cost distribution formats such as social networks and opt-in email, a shift in advertiser spending to highly targeted online venues, the migration to cost-cutting virtualized platforms and the emergence of new capabilities due to game-changing moves by both new entrants and existing players”.

What does that mean for businesses that rely heavily on interactive media to “get the word out” including small businesses, publishers such as newspapers, e-magazines and domain monetization entrepreneurs? According to, a 14 year old web host and domain registrar, migrating traditional media services online is simple using the company’s cloud computing technology that is both robust, and affordable. “We provide multiple domain name registration, dedicated and virtual servers, search engine placement, email marketing, security with a customized firewall and actual sales leads in a one-stop-shop,” said Sean McCoy, VP of Sales and Marketing.

AIT’s Enterprise Class hosting plans boast over 2gbs of RAM, 250gbs of disk space, unlimited data transfer, Ready4Design2007 web design software, MCART e-commerce platform, and guaranteed web traffic that is relevant to any business. These features and many others are supported by dedicated resources using IBM hardware and VMware starting for less than $50 a month during the months of June and July of 2009, visit for more information about this alternative to the Enterprise Hosting Plan.

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AIT Upgrades RAM To Serve Up Faster Web Sites

June 17, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Upgrades RAM To Serve Up Faster Web Sites 

AITWebsite ToolsFayetteville, NC – Existing Enterprise, Dedicated and Reseller 3 hosting customers can increase the performance of their web sites and data base servers by calling 1-800-878-4084 or email to take advantage of this special offer from now until the end of June 2009. The upgrades can be ordered and in place within 48 hours. “Our customers and their customers see the benefits of more RAM immediately in how quickly their site loads and its ability to handle the traffic that comes to the site. This is particularly true for e-commerce web sites”, says Avery Skelton VP of Sales and Marketing.

In addition to more e-commerce activity, maps and embedded video advertising, and product demonstrations are more prevalent and essential for attracting visitors to you or your client’s web site. This increases the demands on your web server and its ability to process the requests to view this kind of content. A responsive site is critical to making the end user experience a good one.

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tyBit Unified Search Empowers Its Media Resellers with More Ways to Generate Revenue

June 17, 2009 by · Comments Off on tyBit Unified Search Empowers Its Media Resellers with More Ways to Generate Revenue 

TybitWebsite Tools – As the General Manager for tyBit Unified Search. I would like to take a few minutes of your time to talk to you about earning revenue with tyBit’s Reseller program”, offers Kitti Jo Finch.

As an AdVar, you have the opportunity to join our Advertising and Affiliate programs. Whether you are a webmaster or entrepreneur, you can manage your clients in tyBit providing them with advertising and search engine optimization earning revenue with every step in the process. Grab the Attention of perspective advertisers from within your community or your client base with by using the value of tyBit that generates over 75 million searches and over 200 million impressions a month. You can provide and manage PPC advertising for clients text, image, audio or video ads with an industry first guaranteed position on a set budget with tyBit’s Global Keyword Registry. GKR ads can include name, phone number and email – perfect for real estate and car insurance agents.

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AIT Offers Summertime Domain Days Savings

June 10, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Offers Summertime Domain Days Savings 

AITWebHost ToolsFAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Domain registrar and web host, Advanced Internet Technologies is currently offering two great ways to save during Domain Days. First, they are offering their lowest price ever when you bulk transfer your existing domain(s) to AIT. AIT has slashed its already low rate by offering bulk transfers, 25 or more, for just $9.03. Further savings are possible for transfers of 100 or more depending on the transfer of the Top Level Domain extension being requested. Additionally, when you call 1.877.549.2881 to register any new domain name at regular price and you will qualify to register any new .NET domain name for only $5.00 a year!

“This pricing is an indication of our commitment to giving customers the industry’s lowest pricing and the greatest potential for profit,” said Clarence Briggs, Chief Executive Officer of AIT.” In perfect harmony with the AIT Domains low price point, the company also offers a hosting plan that starts at $4.77 per month and comes with a Free domain, unlimited virtual hosts, website builder, web analytics, 100 GB of space, unlimited POP email accounts, and unlimited data transfer at

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AIT’s Domain Days Savings are Back

May 22, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT’s Domain Days Savings are Back 

Advanced Internet TechnologiesWebmaster ToolsFAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Domain Registrar and Web Host AIT, Advanced Internet Technologies is currently offering two great ways to enhance online visibility and discounts during Domain Days.

AIT is offering their lowest pricing ever, when a customer transfers an existing domain(s) to AIT. The already low rates have been slashed even further by offering transfers at discounted prices. Additionally, when a new domain is ordered, the registrant can call toll free 1.877.549.2881 to acquire any new .COM domain name, this purchase will qualify the buyer to register any new .NET domain name for a limited one-time only price!

“Selecting a domain is perhaps the most important component of launching a new business and Web site. Even for established companies, buying additional domains could have great rewards from a SEO (define) perspective,” said Mark Jackson of online magazine Search Engine Watch. Read more

AIT Domains and tyBit Unified Search – So What’s In A Name? Profit

May 14, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Domains and tyBit Unified Search – So What’s In A Name? Profit 

Advanced Internet TechnologiesWeb Hosting ServicesFayetteville, NC — AITDomains a 13 year old ICANN accredited domain registrar attributes its strong revenue growth in the first quarter of 2009 to its sister company tyBit – Unified Search.

“The tyBit search affiliates are buying lots of domains” says Jamie Moore Product Manager for AITDomains. “It’s just a natural fit. tyBit affiliates enjoy our low prices and personal service. We have recently simplified our registration process by providing detailed guides for Domainers and resellers to use the tyBit affiliate program to earn with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection.”, continues Moore.

AIT Domains is a service disabled veteran owned company delivers award winning, twenty-four hour, customer service. The company’s products and services include additional features for their customers such as, private registration, domain parking, domain forwarding, domain locking and personalized renewal notifications. Read more

AIT Launches Wholesale Technology Business

May 6, 2009 by · Comments Off on AIT Launches Wholesale Technology Business 

Advanced Internet TechnologiesWeb Hosting ToolsFayetteville, NC – AIT is now a national distributor of technology products. Over the past 14 years Advanced Internet Technologies, AIT, has delivered Internet Services and access to hundreds of thousands of customers.

“The challenges faced by brick and mortar retail electronics outlets, coupled with the current recession, has led SMB’s (Small and Medium size Businesses) to use the Internet to glean product information and purchase products on online. “This change in customer preference prompted us open our own web store and offer top of the line products at wholesale, discounted”, says Clarence Briggs, CEO of AIT.

The new AIT Outlet store is located at “Now we are a technology product distributor offering over 75,000 products from 200 manufacturers,” says Briggs. AIT also expect to sell to larger companies and government agencies. “Because we are a military service, disabled veteran owned company that is very diverse, we can provide products to larger entities that have diversity and set aside requirements,” says Al Whitfield, VP of Business Development and Government Contracting. Read more

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