Dome9 Launches Cloud Server Firewall Management

May 26, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dome9 Launches Cloud Server Firewall Management 

Webmaster ToolboxTel Aviv, Israel – Dome9 Security announces the public availability of their new cloud server security service, the only secure firewall management platform available for Cloud, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated servers and Amazon’s EC2 Security Groups. This unique security-management-as-a-service platform is now available for beta, allowing easy deployment, configuration, and management of security policies using standard operating system security elements.

“Cloud technology has seen extraordinary growth within the hosting industry. With the Dome9 platform, cloud hosting providers can finally offer a scalable service that enables top of the line security for their customers” said Dome9 co-founder and CEO Zohar Alon. “The fact that most hosted cloud servers are protected by just a username and password is alarming. Cloud providers simply can’t scale yesterday’s hardware-based firewalls to meet cloud demand and pricing trends.   Our software-based solution brings a new dimension to server security and allows cloud administrators, providers, and users to take charge of their security, anytime, anywhere.” Read more