A new “Basic Input Output System” (AKA Control Panel) for your CentOS Web Server

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Today we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a developer for the Site Bios control panel.  SiteBios is a free, open source control panel for Linux, specifically CentOS. It contains your essential LAMP stack, where M denotes for MariaDB and P includes both PHP and a full features Post Fix mail service.

In additional to the LAMP stick it also features some other server related services, such as Bind for the purpose of running a name server.

Structure wise it reflects quite a few similarities to the regular control panels, presenting a three tier panel. It has an admin interface, a client/user interface and also a reseller admin interface.

The best part we’ve noticed is a design which enables this control panel not to run as root. In fact it uses a kernel type script to take care of several requests which require a root access for running.  Furthermore, the “Kernel” also provides an extra layer of security, in addition to doing what it normally does. For example, it validates the data before it is passed to the shell script which runs as root.

A Local SiteBios developer defines this software as the only control panel which has an interface that does not run as root or other common system user” “and theonly control panel we’ve seen with a Python based frontend” Read more

Advanced Internet Technologies Unveils its High Availability Web Server Cluster Plans

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Web Hosting ServicesFayetteville, NC – Web Hosting Company and Dedicated Server Hosting provider, Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (, is now offering its H.A. (High Availability) Vault Technology using multiple dedicated servers and load balancers in a web cluster (or web server cluster) with the latest and most secure software and hardware environments. AIT continues to offer a 35% discount for the first six months on many of its servers, including the I3-3210 and the E3-1230 dedicated server hosting plans. AIT also offers a first month discount on its single processor E5 series dedicated servers. After six months, all dedicated server hosting customers receive a 50% Customer Loyalty lifetime Discount on their hardware costs. This remains the only 50% lifetime discount in the industry. AIT’s Dedicated Servers, provide a reliable, secure server platform with more flexibility and resources than shared web hosting plans.

“Our dedicated server plans and options have always been customizable, but recently more and more companies want redundancy in their hardware and server environments, and are willing to pay for that level of service. There has been a shift in the industry in using multi-server technology to work together instead of independently to handle business functions. Consolidating those efforts can save time, resources and money that can be applied somewhere else in a business,” said Michael Roberts, COO of Advanced Internet Technologies. “Our Customer Loyalty Lifetime Discount of 50% after six months applies even to our High Availability web server cluster plans. We are serious about developing a customized solution that best meets our customer’s needs and keeping that client for life,” said Clarence Briggs, CEO of Advanced Internet Technologies. “I am determined that our customers continue to receive the quality services and competitive pricing that they can depend on to grow their business,” added Briggs.
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